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June 15, 2007


sara, the house of charm

I can't wait to go visit my big brother down in SLO! He will really fit in well there.

Lisa D.

Sounds like a lovely lunch - mmm, the menu at that place sounds scrumptious!

Leigh Gibson

That sounds lovely. Your photos are always so good.

Betty Jo

What a beautiful place and the food sounds divine. So glad you got to enjoy this wonderful time and pretty spot. xoxo

Karen (Misiz C)

How fun to visit your blog and see photos of my favorite town. My husband and I met while students at Poly, our DS just got his BA from Poly (last week-yay!) and DD#1 just finished her 1st year there. I haven't been to the newest incarnation of the Cigar Factory yet. Sounds like a must try!

A post or so ago you commented on quilt shops in or around SLO. A couple I try to visit if I have time are the Cotton Ball in Morro Bay and a cute one in Arroyo Grande...sorry, I can't remember the name.

Your son is going to love it at Poly!

(BTW- I grew up in Aptos. Small world, huh? *grin*)


I'll meet you there and buy lunch next October. =)


Looks like a wonderful place to have a long lunch. Thanks for sharing.


Hey!, I recognize that creek!!!! It's funny to read people's comments about visiting in SLO or meeting husbands while attending Cal Poly, etc.
I was born in SLO and still live here, I might add. It's amazing how many people with blogs come here to visit and post about my home town.
Hope you had a delightful visit. Frankly, I can't imagine myself living anywhere else.

P.S. The quilt shop in Arroyo Grande is The Quilt Attic.

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