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November 01, 2007



This is a sore point for me. I have a lovely quilt for my bed that I am still hand quilting after too many years so in the meantime, we have a quilt made by a group of church ladies that my mother-in-law used to sew with when she was alive. She had picked the pattern and fabric and they made the quilt for an auction. It is a lovely quilt except that it is purple and pink and my whole house is green, red, and brown. Maybe this is the motivation I need to get those borders done.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Oh what a fun challenge! I have to work on the "Give Thanks" banner today and hopefully finish it, but I'll get a pic this weekend for sure. Thanks, Nicole, for the great challenge.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Oh what a fun challenge! I have to work on the "Give Thanks" banner today and hopefully finish it, but I'll get a pic this weekend for sure. Thanks, Nicole, for the great challenge.


Ironically I have that very same quilt folded at the foot of my bed. It's a true favorite!


What a wonderful challenge, Nicole! I am also honored that you included me. I am ashamed to say I have no quilt on my bed that I have created, as we have 3 dogs that sleep with us every night, and I don't dare have a quilt that I made on there, as little claws love to dig and make nests on whatever I have on the bed at the moment. Having said that, I will definitely come up with something!
Your quilt is beautiful - I would have sweet dreams sleeping under that every night! I also love your "oasis of serenity". That is what I call my sewing room!!


Certainly nothing that beautiful.

Lisa D.

Well, my shameless secret is, I have NO quilts on my beds! But I will throw my favorite on my bed this weekend and take a picture. I am sure it will be inspiring to see what others post. Your quilt certainly is beautiful!!!!!


After market I'll show off my bed quilt. I have made several quilts for our bed, as well as the beds in the rest of the house and of course the mom's and the nieces and nephew! I love to sew!

Love your quilt and your home photos. Very lovely.


What a great challenge! I must have been on your wave length last night when I said goodby to my Jacks for a year. I change out my quilts every month. I don't have enough for every month because my kids keep taking them, but I am trying. My October quilt story is on my blog. Thank you for including me!


I forgot to tell you that I love your TB quilt. And your oasis of calm. My oasis of calm is a wreck beside my chair, lol. Hmm, may have to write about that too.


Love your challenge Mom!


I don't have a quilt on my bed either because my husband doesn't like the weight of a quilt, and these days I am menopausal : (

But here is a recent quilt I made. It still needs to be quilted. I think Trudie Hughes is the creator; she taught the class on how to make it.


Angela (Cottage Magpie)

What a great idea! I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with! ~A :-)

Jane Weston

I hope you don't mind, but I really liked this idea and I've jumped on too and I've posted about the quilts on my bed and my daughter's bed..
Can't wait to see if anyone else posts pictures.



Nothing short of wonderful! Gorgeous quilt...your bedroom is a very lovely, tranquil space. Happy weekend to you :o)


So that's what that quilt looks like put together...I only have five of the blocks finished. Beautiful!


Hi, stopping by for the first time. Found you at Pink Purl.... What a wonderful quilt!! I love the colours and it's much lighter in its expression than a few other Thimbleberries quilts I've seen ;-D
Happy weekend!!!


Love the new look of the blog! So warm and cozy


Wow! Do you know I'm making this very quilt right now. I only have three blocks made but what an inspriation it is to see it on the bed. Amazing.


Your quilt looks great, Nicole! My Pansy Park quilt is still waiting to be quilted. One of these days.....


I'm sorry to say i don't have a handmade quilt on my bed. I use a wonderful cream whole cloth quilt and I change out the pillows according to the season. For me everything is about a neutral, cream background.... like you couldn't have guessed that already!!
Hey, thanks for coming by the other day. I am so glad you enjoy my work. I can honestly say that comments like yours are a huge part of why I am a designer.

have a great weekend.


I have been a reader of your blog for some time. I am atempting to teach myself to quilt and am enjoying it. The reason I am leaving this comment is because my daughter is leader of a FRG group at Fort Lewis, WA. Shs is trying to raise funds to supply bedding for the single soldiers in her husband's unit who will be returning from Iraq in July of 2008. I see on lots of blogs where quilters do quilts for such causes and thought you might be able to help her with ideas on how to organize something like this. Her e-mail address is Thanks for any help you might supply.


Ok, challenge on girlfriend. I'll take my photo tomorrow and post it.


As usual, wonderful quilts. And your Halloween quilt is the best! I have that book by Debbie Mumm and I had to get it out and look at the pattern again because your quilt is so much better than hers. I'll have to try and make one inspired by yours for next year.


I went through the Thimbleberries phase as well. What a fun challenge, I'll have to check them all out.

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