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November 13, 2007



Could you give Lisa my address too? LOL Aren't friends just the best!

Lisa D.

OK, stop it.... it was not 50 pounds of fabric, but yes, I did overbuy just a little. Well, I intended to make 2 quilts, but there are so many I want to make, I just didn't love Cinnamon Stars enough to make 2. We won't mention all the great stuff you have generously sent me (ahem - Poetry Collection - ahem). Turnabout is fair play, after all. Have fun! :)


You are one lucky girl. Enjoy your new huge pile of lovely fabrics. Also the cupcake quilt is one I must order.


You can send your leftovers to me! Beautiful gift from a sweet friend. ~Adrienne~


Holy moly! We all need friends like that!

Cindy D

She is the best isn't she. Those fabrics are awesome. You are one lucky gal Nicole.

May Britt

You are such a lucky lucky girl. Those are so lovely colours.


That's so sweet!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Oh my lord have mercy! I'm hyperventilating. What gorgeous fabric! I want Lisa to be my friend too.

Angela (Cottage Magpie)

WOW! Gorgeous fabric! What an awesome mailbox treat!
~Angela :-)


How fun! Don't you just love mail?! What a good friend. What are you going to make? Can't wait to see.


Holy Cow! The postage alone must have cost an arm and a leg. What a lucky girl you are!


The fabric is beautiful, you sure are lucky. What a nice friend to have. Ever now and then it is so nice to be spoiled.


Ok, Nicole you lucky duck, you got Cinnamon Stars. That means I get Posh, lol. This is gorgeous, and it will make a beautiful qult.

Mary Wood

WOW what a good friend you have the fabric is so nice I wish someone would send me a parcel like that make good use of it you lucky girl.
hugs Mary


Well now that's one heck of a package to find on your doorstep. That is such beautiful fabric and I know that you will make some wonderful from it. What a wonderful friend Lisa is.

Hugs- karen


What a wonderful friend she is! Those are gorgeous fabrics!


What a wonderful friend she is! Those are gorgeous fabrics!

Little Brook

oh, I am so completely jealous. What a wonderful friend! They are beautiful fabrics. Enjoy them!


I too have all those fabrics and love them all. You can't go wrong with those colors. Very pretty and you do have one nice friend for sure.

Helen in the UK

Wish that Fed-Ex guy would deliver to my house!!! What a fantastic stash of new fabrics to play with - enjoy :)


gorgeous fabrics! a very wonderful friend to do that for you


Love that little ol' group of fabrics you were gifted... but of course I am just a bit biased! I don't even have some of those fabrics anymore!!
I neeeed to see what you come up with with them??

happy quilting,


Lisa is just the best, isn't she? All that fabric is so lovely. Enjoy, enjoy! I can't wait to see what you create with all that fabric treasure!


You lucky duck!! That was my favorite line from fig tree!! Have fun with all that beautiful fabric!

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