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December 10, 2007


Mary Wood

OH Nicole i just love xmas your tree looks greatI love the lights on the mantle piece we dont have them in Australia but we did in where to hang my stocking LOL hugs Mary


Oh what fun -- and I know just which angel you are talking about. I was so sad when ours "died" sometime in the late 80's/early 90's. I've got a different angel for my own tree -- but, somehow, it's just not the same!

kathie holland

Your mantle looks so nice! The tree is BIG! looks great though.
I just love that snowman! He is adorable....did you buy him recently?

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Looks like you wore those three guys out. Your mantel and tree are lovely. Isn't it funny how a tree can look so small outside and so huge inside?


I would say that the tree is certainly big enough. What I want to know is how in the world did you get it from the winery to your house? lol And your house looks lovely. Want to share the name of the painting above your mantle? Looks very interesting. You could always take what you cut off and make a small tree and put your angel on it as a topper, :>)


I like that snowman!! Thursday night Ryan and I will drive around and look at Christmas lights!!


What a great tree!! It really does touch the ceiling doesn't it? LOL!!! I love that snowman and Ozzie looks quite comfy there.


Love the tree and the lights! Hi to Sara and the rest of the crew! Merry Christmas!


That's a very tall tree and it looks great with all the lights up to the ceiling.
Cute little snowman.

Cindy D

Typical men, love the snowman. Looks great.


Nicole -
Your tree and mantle are gorgeous. I love big trees but we our ceilings are slightly lower than the normal 8 feet. There was a period of time in the late 60's - when our house was built - that ceilings were lowered a bit with the thought that it would conserve energy for heat. I don't know if it does that but it sure frustrates me at times when things are meant for rooms with slightly higher ceilings.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comments. Yes, my dear little mother's house is 'heavenly' - I love to be there. It truly is home to me since my father built it when I was in high school. Please stop by again in a while and join the tour as we go inside the Christmas Cottage.


Everything looks so cozy and warm. How lovely to have a decorating 'party'. It's very nice that some decorate and some clean up - works well, doesn't it?
Ozzie and SIL look very cozy together - they're all tuckered out!

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