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December 24, 2007


Connie W

So cute! Happy Christmas to you & yours. CW


I can almost read his mind! LOL! He is adorable.

Lisa D.

OK, I think that is the cutest picture EVER!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Oh, Ozzie, I feel your pain, man. They make me dress up for pictures too. --Sophie Belle Patterpaw

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Oh, Ozzie, I feel your pain, man. They make me dress up for pictures too. --Sophie Belle Patterpaw


He is just about the cutest...and he almost looks like he's smiling...A very Merry Christmas to you and your family.


Merry Christmas!


What a good "sit" for the photo! Good boy, Ozzie! (Tell 'Mom" that you deserve a big treat in your stocking for that one!)
Merry Christmas Nicole!
xo, Bren


Oh Ozzie, what a good boy!

Merry Christmas. :)


When I saw the picture I started laughing! My husband was in the other room and said, "Ok, I'll bite." Too funny.

Merry Christmas


So good of him to put up with the collar long enough for you to take the photo.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.


Oh my goodness that is just to cute and how festive he looks in his collar. It's almost like he's posing for you.

Merry Christmas - Karen

Angela (Cottage Magpie)

Merry Christmas! And blessings to you for a bountiful New Year!
~Angela :-)


Merry Christmas to you and yours.....your puppy is just too cute!


Oh Ozzie you are just too cute! Nicole is he a Lakeland? We had an Airedale who stole our hearts but Ozzie looks a little smaller.

Cindy D

Ozzie is so cute and even is cooperating with you. Hope you had a Merry Christmas.


Merry Christmas!


So cute!! Rusty our poodle had to wear antlers for a few minutes too, until we found them pulled off under the table!!

Hope your Christmas was especially lovely!!



OMG ROFLOL!!! How dang cute is Ozzy??? That is one adorable color on him. Hope you and Ozzie had a great Christmas.


Such a nice greating from such a precious Ozzie! Love it!


Kisses to Ozzier and Hugs to you...Hope you & yours are having the happiest of holidays! Blessing to you all in the New Year ((HUGS))


just happened to come across your site. What kind of dog do you have? He is so cute!! Also, you are truly blessed to have your in-laws to brag about.


I'm such a slacker and trying to catch up on reading blogs and realized I miss seeing Ozzie's adorable face!

Happy New Year!


How does it happen? Ozzie just gets cuter and cuter! Hope your Christmas was wonderful, and I wish you and the family all the best in this New Year!!

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