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December 14, 2007



Is it a book you want on designs or the how to's?

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Gorgeous quilts. Beautiful handwork. Thanks for sharing, Nicole. Have fun sewing with your friends.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

P.S. I think I have a book on redwork around here somewhere--if I didn't give it away. I'll look. --Susan

Nancy Stevens

I'm DANGEROUSLY close to buying the Alice in Redwork pattern here: -- have been resisting for a while.


Oooh - you know how I love Redwork. I really need to dust off my embroidery hoop.


Woah, that Redwork is amazing! Thanks for sharing.


That is a pretty quilt with the embellishment. And the redwork, You could do the Winter Wonderland BOM, lol.


I love the tatting on the green one. I wonder if she did that herself. Redwork is one of my favorite things! My favorite book is by Laurene Sinema. Redwork, Quilts and More. It's still available used on Amazon. Actually, there are at least two copies brand new for around $13. She also had Redwork in Blue, I think it's called. Betty Alderman has at least one good one, too.

Lisa D.

Beautiful quilts, Nicole. I can't wait to hear and see what inspiration you come home with after Friday's session at PQ! Hey, if you want to join Cindy and I doing Winter Wonderland (I'm doing it in redwork and Cindy in bluework), I just signed up for a BOM.

Redwork in Germany

This is a beautiful Redwork quilt!!!

My favourite Redwork book is "Red & White American Redwork Quilts" from Deborah Harding (ISBN 0-8478-2244-3)
but then you can find a quite a few Redwork info online...

Mary Wood

I love the quilts is red work just like when you iron a pattern on and embroider in red cotton.I havent heard of it before. hugs Mary


The quilt is just beautiful. I love the extra texture of the green fabric. Alex Anderson has a great redwork book out.


Such lovely redwork!! I have two of these quilts to put together and finish..

Merry Christmas!!



What beautiful quilts, Nicole! Thank you for sharing them with us! The redwork quilt is so lovely - I want to make one, too!!


Wow, that red work quilt is a true beauty! I personal like the book Red & White American Redwork Quilts from Deborah Harding.

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