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December 05, 2007



I love the blue and white quilt blocks - can't wait to see what fabrics you will use in your challenge. The quilt you made for your sister is beautiful too.


What a pretty fabric combination - blended quilts just seem to start out with a nice softness that lends an aged look. *yummy*


Oh both are so pretty. And Ozzie is a doll. Hi to Sara for me!

Lisa D.

Beautiful blues - yes, they really do work well together! I love the quilt you made for your sister!!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Love the blue blocks, and the blended quilt is gorgeous--but that Ozzie takes the cake. He's such a fine fellow.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Love the blue blocks, and the blended quilt is gorgeous--but that Ozzie takes the cake. He's such a fine fellow.

Nancy Stevens

The quilts are lovely and the DOG, confound it, is irresistible!


Love your quilt and so does Ozzy!! Love the blue project too.


Love the quilt you did for your sister and it is very clear that Ozzie loves it too...the blue and white is wonderful...can't wait to see it grow. Look forward to the other fabric choices too.


Loooove the blended quilt. The blue block is pretty, too. Gorgeous!


Nicole - the blended quilt you made for your sister is stunning to say the least! I don't know how you come up with those colors. I have been wanting to ask, what kind of dog is Ozzie? He is just too darn cute!
Nancy in WI


gorgeous! love the quilting pattern


Love those blues together, that is looking wonderful. The quilt you made for your sister, wow, that is gorgeous, those are my colors. Ozzie seems to approve, love that pooch! LOL


Love those blues! I thought blue was like red - they all go together. These certainly do - very elegant looking with that large print in the background.

libby d

So lovely!! Just beautiful!


The blue is making a lovely blend! And that pink pastel quilt is calling my name! And Ozzie's too--LOL! He's just like my cat--he HAS to sit on everything! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Helen in the UK

The blended quilt is so soft and pretty. Beautiful :)

Cindy D

Look at Ozzie, he says don't forget to take my picture mom. Love the blues Nicole. What can I say. I wish I could pull all of those out of my stash. Love the Mary Rose. They are great fabrics to work with. Good job.


Your blue and white is really going to be something, and of course I love the Heather. I think I have a kit for that one somewhere I bought several years ago. AND, I would love to steal your quilter. Her quiting is fabulous. Just love both of them!


Love that blended quilt for your sister -- and those blues are great together. Are you sure that won't be your quilt?


The blues are absolutely *fabulous*!! My *FAVE*!!

The third pic with Ozzie? AMAZING! When they're sprawled like that, they're *SO* content! He is just the cutest thing! He's obviously pretty pleased with himself and comfortable on the quilt as well!! LOL!!! :)

Beth Dasecke

The blue quilt will be just beautiful when you get it done I love it
I also love the other quit as well hmmmm I think I love all your quilts hehehe
hugs Beth


How beautiful those blues are together! You have to finish it now!
The quilt for Andrea is absolutely gorgeous, and Ozzie looks very much at home on it. The quilting is incredible, too! Thank you for sharing, Nicole!


Ozzie, you naughty puppy, get off of that quilt! It's much too beautiful for you to be lounging around on!!!

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