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December 20, 2007



Great napkin tutorial Mom!! Ozzie is getting so big!! I can't wait to give him the special present I made!!!!


OMG, thank you so much for the wonderful step by step tutorial. Perfect.
I love the fabrics you have chosen, espicially the cherries. Your baskets are awesome.
Your little dog is the cutest little thing.
I to have a big dog next to me all day. She espicially loves the sewing room, haa, could be because I'm in there alot.
thanks again. Can't wait to get started on some.

Vicki W

THANK YOU for this tutorial! I've had some of these on my "want to do" list for a while.


Love the napkins and tutorial. I am in love with your dog!!


Oh MAN, I love this tutorial! I wish I had known about it two years ago... I could've made lovely napkin baskets as wedding gifts. I had over 10 weddings in 2006 and this would've saved me a LOT of money! :)


You wrote: And this is CRITICAL: make sure the straight of grain of the fabric is going the same direction when you line up both pieces. Otherwise, when laundered, the napkin will shift and get all wonky.

Ok, I have a stupid question. How do you determine the straight of grain of the fabric?


Carole Meier

Thank you for the tutorial! Love the tip for the mitered corners. Seems a lot easier than the one I saw from Pam D'Amour (the decorating Diva of UpState NY). I almost bought her dvd it was complicated! lol Wishing you and yours a Happy Holiday!


Has anyone taken the time to tell you today how cool you are?

You're so cool! I dig these. The whole thing is neat. Very nice of you to take the time out of your day to pull this together for us.


Thanks for sharing, I am going to have to make some up, to have as gift that are on hand and ready for any occasions

Susan Ramey Cleveland

That a boy, Ozzie. It's time to pay attention to the dog, isn't it?

Susan Ramey Cleveland

That a boy, Ozzie. It's time to pay attention to the dog, isn't it?


Thank you for the wonderful tutorial, Nicole! I think your photos are excellent, especially the one of your 4-legged friend! He is the cutest boy!!

Cindy D

Great tutorial Nichole. You are just wiping these out aren't you. Hi Ozzie, you are just too cute. Where is his Santa antlers.


Thanks so much for the wonderful step by step tutorial!! Can't wait to make some napkins. That Ozzie, what a face. He has captured all our hearts, you are lucky to have him! Enjoy the Tortilla Soup!!!!


Nicole, how can you treat poor Ozzie so badly! Poor thing! lol Thank you so much for this tutorial. I was going to ask you how you did these, but was going to wait until after Christmas. They are really neat!


That picture of Ozzie is soooo cute. You can read in his eyes and facial expression how much he wants your undivided attention. He is a sweetheart :)

Thanks for taking the time during this hectic season and all that wrapping that you have left to do to put together this tutorial. I'm practicing after the holidays on making these and then being on the lookout for fun fabric to make some up.

Happy Holidays - Hugs - Karen


Thank you for your tutorial and Merry Christmas !


Oh, thank you so much for the tutorial! What a gift for all of us...and we thank you most sincerely.

What strikes me most about this whole idea is that it is a gift that is perfect for anyone, anytime, can adapt it for virtually every occasion. How great is that? Love your suggestions. Very inspiring.

I am thinking, too, that you should do more tutorials! Great job.

Lastly, how do you get any work done at all with Ozzie's cute little face looking at you like that? Go play...go play...go play...with OZZIE! Very cute.


Super tutorial! Hope Ozzie wasn't too sore for being kept waiting ;o) Happy Holidays to you & yours ((HUGS))


Thanks for a great tutorial. I've been looking for a napkin tutorial and as soon as I can unpack my sewing room I'm going to make some napkins.


Love the tutorial, thanks so much.

Happy New Year!

Rose Marie

Great tutorial and great gift idea! Your puppy is adorable.


I was enjoying your photos on making the napkins. Then I scrolled to the one where your dog is wanting you to play and BAM! I spotted the large Sees Candy bag on the floor. Aha! We love it too and had waaaaaay too much of it at our house during Christmas. In fact, the Lord of the Manor *overbought* and we still have it at home. And at work. How can I start my new eating plan with that stuff staring at me?
Laura from Amongst The Oaks


I loved your explanation. Can't wait to start with these napkins!!! Although we are spanish-speakers, I forwarded this tutorial to my patchwork mates. The photographs are so good, no words are needed!!!

Diane Hibbs

I Love this idea.....great job I will be making it for my friends and family special events.....

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