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December 18, 2007



Very cute idea - so how are the napkins made?


Oh wow, now you have my mind going in 16 different directions at once. What a great idea, thanks.

Lisa D.

Those napkins are very cute, and a great gift when you are stumped! I don't know where you find the time, though, seriously....


Inspiration is a wonderful thing to behold....don't you just love the way one quilter inspires another? Yippee for finishing up those gifts.

Nancy Stevens

Oh, oh, oh! How splendid. Actually, I believe I could start planning these for 2008 birthday gifts! Thank you thank you thank you
n, np


What a fun, fun idea. Gee, I hope I can remember it for next year -- could you remind us in October? LOL!

Cara Wilson

Do they have any batting or only a front and back?
What an awesome idea.

Cindy D

What a great idea. I love the basket theme. I know a few of my friends that would love that especially my bosses since they are so darn hard to buy for. Maybe next year. Yes, I think your DH should work at home on Friday's and watch Ozzie or maybe you could work out a deal and take Ozzie with you. LOL


What a neat idea. Thanks for sharing this! I need to remember this. And thanks for the link to the quilt store. I enjoyed looking at all of her fabric. And the lemon fabric she had would be great for napkins, right?


What a wonderful idea!! I am definitely going to copy year! Could you remind us again next year - well, at least remind Anna and myself?? Please and thank you! LOL!
The napkins are very pretty, by the way!

Mary Wood

what a great idea i am going to do that next year will put it in my things to do book. hugs Mary

kathie holland

they are so cute and I just happen to be a big coffee drinker! decaf though ...
Oh I need to look for that first fabric, just perfect! great gift ideas you have to go with them


GREAT idea!

I want to share that I also have a great quilt shop just like you where I hang out and do what I call "loitering." So when my friends calls to see what I did I always so "Oh, I went loitering at the Quilt Shop." Its a happy, comforting place to be. I'm thrilled to know you have such a place.

...the ideas are premium at your spot!


What a great idea for those people who are hard to buy for or for those that you want to give a little something to. I only hope I can remember it for next year. I know I'll write it down and hope I remember where I wrote it, LOL. Thanks for sharing a great idea.

Hugs - Karen


love your napkins. What a great idea. Would make a great housewarming gift also for my nephew who is moving into a new house next month.
how do you make them? 2 pieces of fabric, sewed tg then whipped stitched closed?


Oh, my goodness, how great is this? St. Nicole, you are a wonder! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou! Permission to copy, even...what a deal!


Oh I am so gonna copy that...thank you for all those ideas, I'm thinking martini theme for that olive fabric...wait I don't have that fabric lol... I may need to visit a fabric store this week after all, although I've promised myself I wouldn't!

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