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January 31, 2008



What absolutely beautiful quilts, Nicole! I LOVE both of them! You did a wonderful job on them. I am looking forward to seeing the "Burgundy Star" blocks sewn together, too.


Nicole, they are just gorgeous! I thik the neutral one belongs in my home! Like you I love it when something comes together. We had a good time doing this together, and I have posted a new clock for the Web Sampler. Love these quilts!!!


Stunning Mom! I love the second quilt, I'd liek to do that with all cremes someday.


The blended quilts (I have been looking at all the quilts in your challenge) are really beautiful. I have GOT to get my hands on that book!


Both quilts are absolutely stunning!!! You did a wonderful job!

Chris@Cats on my Quilts

Great job. Love the greens in that first quilt. The neutral one is great too. Neutrals are hard to work with alone and you did a great job.

Lisa D.

WOW, Nicole - not just one, but TWO beautiful quilts! amazing, and beautiful - both. YUMMMY! LOVE THEM!

Cindy D

Wow Nicole you are totally amazing. You made 2 quilts in the time we alotted to make 1. Talk about overachiever. LOL. You did such a good job. I love them both.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Your challenge quilt is lovely, Nicole. But I actually like the odd-ball one better. It's so elegant.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Your challenge quilt is lovely, Nicole. But I actually like the odd-ball one better. It's so elegant.

Karen Lee

I'm jazzed about what you're sharing. Quilts are beyond words but somehow you find a way.

What a lovely story about the magic of the creative process. With pictures you really "get it."


Both of them turned out just wonderfully beautiful. I can't decide which one I like the best.


They both turned out beautifully. Do you think I could do the first one? Or do the many borders get tricky? I can see it going wonkly on me in no time.

I would love to do it in a "Paris Flea Market" palette and use it on our bed in the Spring. Maybe it could be my Quilting Retreat project. There would be plenty of experts on hand to rescue me if I get in over my head!


Wow they are both beautiful quilts - you've been busy at the sewing machine.

Hugs - Karen


Two beautiful quilt tops and some leftover blocks - a very productive month for you!

Betty J

Absolutely beautiful Odd-ball quilt!!! I'm amazed at what you did with those blocks.


Both quilts are amazing, but I have to say my personal favorite is the neutral/sage/black combo. It just sings to me for some reason!


Beautiful. Just beautiful. I am in awe.


I just have to repeat what others have said - just absolutely beautiful!!! Great quilts.


What gorgeous quilts. Please visit my blog for my latest give away.

Karen Beigh (Log Cabin Quilter)

Had to check out your blended quilt. The neutral palette was a good choice.


Your medallion quilt is absolutely the BEST! I love the colors and choice of fabrics. I have been collecting fabrics for blended quilts. Yours are very inspirational, thank you for sharing.

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