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January 07, 2008


Vicki W

It's going to be beautiful! I love the fabrics.


Ohhh I'm itching to do this. Perry's quilt is really cool!!! Just not ready yet. Dernit.

Did ya'll get a book for this, too? I saw one at the Quilt Shop which is why I ask.

Cindy D

Love how this is turning out Nicole. I wouldn't mind doing another one with you. I would love to do a blue one like you are. What if are next challenge is something else picks out the fabrics for us. I vote that Nicole picks my fabrics. LOL


I don't normally like blended quilts, but this one is really nice. It doesn't get mushy and lose form like many do. I do like the fabrics, more and more.


I love the fabrics you are using for this quilt. They really are gorgeous. I am up for another one after we finish this one. I have lots of fabric for blended quilts, lol.

Mary Wood

I love your quilt the colours go well together I might be able to try that one.
Hugs Mary.


Your quilt is beautiful. And yea it's gonna be a big one for sure. But very pretty.

Lisa D.

It's so elegant and beautiful. It's going to look stunning when you finish it, Nicole!

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