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January 24, 2008


Lisa D.

Wow - that quilt is super cute, Nicole! I am so excited about the classes you are going to teach, and didn't realize that you were going with that name, I think I suggested that one when we were brainstorming? You go girl!

Chris@Cats on my Quilts

I think your Ozzie thinks he's a cat because that's exactly where my two cats perch for their naps every day. They need to keep an eye on things from their perches.


holy moly!! you work FAST! And it's sooo beautiful!! Good luck with the class, I love the idea of an open house with future teachers, might need to suggest that to my shop!

Poor Ozzie....he will eventually out grown his favorite spot--are you sure he isn't part kitty cat?? :D

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Love the quilt top. Great job--especially in a hurry. I can't do anything in a hurrry. Hey! Sophie likes perching on the backs of chairs and Sophies too. I'll be she told Ozzie how much fun it is. Good place to watch the world, Soph says.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

CORRECTION: That was supposed to be "Sophie likes perching on the backs of chairs and SOFAS"--not Sophies.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

CORRECTION: That was supposed to be "Sophie likes perching on the backs of chairs and SOFAS"--not Sophies.

Cindy D

I would have to stay up for 48 hours to have that quilt done in time. Great job. What, Ozzie thinks he's a kitty now perching on top of the furniture. So funny.

Carole Prevost-Meier

What wonderful news! Love the quilt and your choice of fabric is just delicious! Absolutely lovely! Have fun!


What a great quilt top...the colors are just wonderful. You are amazing to get all that pieced so quickly...Super Woman!
Ozzie could not be one bit cuter!

Mary Wood

Nicole you are a wonder I dont know how you managed to do that quilt done so quick you must have been up all night. It looks soooo good.My dog gets up on the back of the lounge to. My friends call him the bird dog.
Hugs Mary.


ozzie needs a haircut.

Account Deleted

The Figtree fabrics look great and I see another Figtree fabric quilt under Ozzie, he looks like a sweetie !


Ohhh cute!!


WOW!! It is gorgeous!! I sure wish that I could attend your class.


Oh my goodness! Ozzie does just what my Bailey does. . . perches on the chair back! We have always teased him that he was like a kitty - but I think the idea of a mountain goat fits better!
(Love the quilt! . . . amazing speed woman! YOu would do well in getting ready for a Quilt Market!)
xo, Bren


Love the quilt sample. That's one fast quilt I'd say. Good for you!!
Ozzie is hysterical. Maybe he thinks he's a cat!! Love the quilt he's perched upon too.


That top is beautiful! Don't worry about getting back on all of my comments :0). I have the feeling you have enough to do!


Good job, Nicole. This quilt is a great class quilt. I bet your class fills up quickly. Did you say you needed some sleep? lol


such nice colors on the quilt top. It is colors you would never grow tired of.


Great work on the class sample. To get it done so fast and it looks very big to boot. Good luck with the class.

Puppy is so cute up there.


Oh the quilt is just beautiful. And my dog sleeps on top of the sofa to keep an eye on the cats.


Love the colours you used it this quilt, just beautiful.
I also think Ozzie thinks he's a cat.


Love the colors in that quilt. And Ozzie sitting on the back of the couch brings back fond memories of our little dog - we thought she was part squirrel!

Karen Lee

Love the pose of Ozzie!

And I'm amazed at how quick you made this happen. You Go!

BTW, I like this pattern, never could figure out what to do with it but it seems like you just jump in and it'll be fun.


In two days?!? You are one amazing seamstress, Nicole! It is absolutely beautiful, too - very nice! I wish I lived close by, as I would definitely take your class!
Ozzie just gets cuter every day! My wiener dogs climb to the top of the couches, too. They must be part of the same mountain goat clan as Ozzie! LOL!

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