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January 10, 2008



Oh, thank you for sharing this tool. I have quite a few cutting 'templates' but not that one. That MIGHT make the difference for me. I'm not much more than a beginner at quilting, having done garment sewing for many years. I need all the tips and tricks I can get. Your work is so beautiful that I only hope this new tool will be just what I need to be able to show off a quilt or two sometime in the future. First I have to get back to work on them - and then FINISH something! ~Adrienne~


I love these little tutorials that you are doing. Just seeing the photos and having the words to walk us through it all is great. Very nice. And, thanks.

BTW, I was hoping you were going to play the Thursday's Favorites Fare list once the New Year started...LOL...didn't you mention something about that? You can make your own's a lot of fun to read everyone's lists and I have gotten lots of ideas of new things from those lists we all post. Come on and play with us...Thursday's Favorite Fare next week? I will keep my fingers crossed...and hope you have some quilting list categories! West coast favorites will be fun to learn about! Like Fish Tacos...we don't have those here...WHAT are those?

Valerie/Quilt Mommy

Oh yes, I NEED that! Lol* So glad you shared! :)


Now that's a tool I need! I've never seen one but I'll be looking now. I have a rotating mat that would work perfectly with it.

Mary Wood

Nicole its good when you explaine things with the photos it makes it easy for me to follow as I am just a learner I am going out today to try and buy one of those. thanks for the info.
Hugs Mary.


Thank you Nicole...I had that in my drawer...I needed it for a class one time and then forgot about it...well I'll be using it all the time now. Thanks!

Jean T

I just love gadgets, don't you? I have so many that sounded great at the time, but I never use them. This, however, is a gem. Gotta get me one! Thanks for the heads up.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Great! Another ruler I have to have. Thanks. LOL!

Cindy D

Well this is definitely another ruler I have to invest in. Something I need. Thanks for showing this and thanks to Lisa for insisting that you get it.


Funny thing you should talk about this trimmer. I have looked at these on Marsha McCloskey's sites several times over the years and finally decided a couple of weeks ago to order both of them and the other ruler she sells that you can use to cut the half of a half square triangle when you screw it up or you are trying to get some out of a smaller piece of fabric than usual. You are right, they are definitely helpful in measuring. Her site is if you can't find them anywhere else.

Account Deleted

What a nifty tool !


You know...........I believe I have one of these in my quilty items area of the sewing room. LOL!!! I just may have to use it.


Oh, yes, I'm certain I need that tool. It's the only ruler I don't have. Thanks. LOL!

Lisa D.

That Precision Trimmer is definitely the best thing since sliced bread! I certainly *strive* for perfection, but don't look too closely!


I have to say that the precision trimmer is one of the best gadgets you can get! BUT... you have to remember you have it, LOL. Thanks for the reminder!


I have heard about the Precision Trimmer many times, but I haven't paid much attention to it until NOW! Thank you for the wonderful tutorial once again, Nicole! I NEED that, I'm ashamed to say! I want to be as good a quilter as Lisa when I grow up! With this gadget, I'm on my way! Not to growing up, though - I don't think that's ever going to happen!! LOL!

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