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February 18, 2008


Karen Lee

What a good boy Ozzie, good, good boy. And congrats to Susan. Fun for everyone!

Giftage and Festoonerie Love, *karendianne.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Nicole, I've been doing a happy dance all over the house. I can't believe I have actually won that gorgeous quilt. Thanks to you and Mr. Ozzie. Glad you got the strip out of his mouth before it went bye-bye. Oh, BTW, do you think that wine rack might be in a hazardous place? Just don't let Ozzie near the corkscrew! Thanks again, dear friend. You are a kind, generous and extremely talented lady.

Mary Wood

congrats susan you are sooooooo lucky to win a special quilt i hope you have years of enjoyment with it and Nicole you are soooo nice to part with it you nave a good soul. to give away something you love so much.
Hugs Mary.

Cindy D

Good boy Ozzie. Congrats Susan,enjoy that beautiful quilt.

Lynne in Hawaii

Ozzie did a great job and the commment was only in two pieces:-)
Congratulations Susan! That quilt should bring years of joy!


Congratulations Susan...what a treat! Ozzie is just amazing!


How fun!! Looks like you had a great helper!


How fun!! Looks like you had a great helper!


Nicole, when I saw the first photo on this post and had not yet scrolled down, I thought: 1) Ozzie has moved out due to the lack of trust about the beach business; or 2) Nicole has decided to give Ozzie away instead of the quilt!

Happy to hear it was none of the above...and congrats to Susan...we are all way jealous!


Oh Boy! How lucky is Susan??? That's a great quilt and will look lovely wherever it goes. Love your very efficient assistant.


Congratulations Susan! You're a VERY LUCKY GIRL!!!!


That Ozzie is so smart and really helpful even though he didn't pick my name, LOL. Congrats to Susan, she's getting a beautiful quilt.

Hugs - Karen


Lucky Susan and what a great job Ozzie did!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Thanks to all of you for the congrats. I promise to be a good steward of the quilt and think of you all every time I snuggle under it. And, Kayte, I would have gladly taken Ozzie if Nicole had decided to give him away. I love that smile! --Susan R.C.


Congrats to the winner -- and to Ozzie for being so helpful after his traumatic beach experience :0). See what I miss when I go out of town? (pouting here) Congrats on one year of blogging! It is amazing isn't it?


LOL...I love the way your winner generator works! I need to teach my puppy now :D

Congrats to the winner!

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