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February 21, 2008



Dear Nicole,
Was reading your blog when you posted a new one. I don't know much about blogging, but wanted you to know I posted a comment on the blue/white quilt, tea/toast post. Congrats on Remy. Westies have lots of personality. Fabulous fabrics. No wonder you can't decide on a project.

Lisa D.

Oh my gosh, no wonder you cannot decide what to start - look at all those beautiful choices!!! My first pick would be the red/green/white combo in your first two pictures - do you have a pattern in mind for that one yet? My second pick would be those pinks and greens for the Mountain Cottage quilt! Good luck deciding! I love the buzz of a new project, especially cutting it all out!


I love the light pink & green or the civil war prints! Eithe rwoudl be lovely! I can't wait to get my sewign machine set up and get workign on my Heather Bailey quilt.

Chris@Cats on my Quilts

Too much fabric and too many choices-it's a good problem to have. Good luck deciding.


Boy -- some really tough decisions!!! Can't wait to see what you decide -- I love them all!


you have some gorgeous fabrics there. Can't wait to see what you decide.


Congratulations Grandma...Remy is precious. You have some really good choices there...don't think you can go wrong.

Chris@Cats on my Quilts

I forgot-I have been nominated for a Spread the Love blog award and in turn I am nominating you. Congratulations Grandma.


Oooohhh definatly the Miss Rosie in pink and I have to go to my own stash and start rummaging as I too have been in a quandry of what to start next.


I see why you don't know which one to choose, all your options are fabulous.


Those are gorgeous fabrics! I'd have a hard time picking just one too!

Judy H.

Remy is adorable!

Don't you hate that ambivalent feeling when you can't make up your mind? Almost makes you think you should just pick a number. Put all the quilt names in a hat, then pull one out. (And, if you find yourself wishing for a particular one when you go to draw the name, do that one, no matter which name you draw!)

Mary Wood

Remy is soooooooo cute. Hide all the shoes now their will be a lot of chewing going on now LOL. I like your red and green Very summery. But then again I like them all.Whatever you do always looks great.
Hugs Mary


Awww, Remy is soooooo cute!

Miss Jean

OOOOOHHHHH! Major pink fabric envy! I see why you are having troule figuring out what to work on next.

Congratulations on Ozzie being an Uncle. You might want to stop by my blog and see the write-up I did on him. He is just too cute. I tried to put you as a link but for some reason it's not working. I'll keep trying.

Love your blog!


What fabulous groups you have to choose from. I'd pick the first and the last groups -- first, that is. I'd want to do them all!!


Red and Green, red and green.. red...and green.

Karen Lee

Congrats on being a grandma sorta. ;)

I'd have to vote for Mojo but I think you knew I'd go in that direction.

Miss Rosie Love, *karendianne.

Karen Lee

Ahh, shuky darns...I forgot Mountain Cottage. Its so spring like. Oh gosh I'm not helping here at all!!!

Not Helping Love, *karendianne.


Why not take a day or two to cut them all - they will be and look very different when cut. Believe me when I tell you that one will grab you while you're cutting. There will be one that you won't be able to resist.

Remy is adorable!


I love the first choice. Love those reds/greens together. But whatever you do will be great.
Gotta go check out this new baby. LOL!

Lynne in Hawaii

Decisions indeed...tough choice. I think I'd go for Mountain Cottage.


Wow! What beautiful fabrics! I would have a hard time choosing, too! I love the Miss Rosie quilt patterns. You are a great advertisement for her. I have several of her patterns, but haven't made one, yet.

Cindy D

Those are some gorgeous fabrics. Show are those light green and pinks from. I am going to start making our Web Sampler blocks when I am start feeling better. Hope that we be soon.


So many to choose from, I just love the green and picks in the last picture, but they are all lovely.

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