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February 28, 2008



Love the fabrics and the backyard looks wonderful.


The Web Sampler looks great. I love Bonnie Blue patterns. I own one....hmmm. Maybe it should be on my list of things to do next!


Those fabrics are gorgeous! I want to see the block, so get sewing. VBG Ollie is so photogenic and such a cutie.

Chris@Cats on my Quilts

That green grass looks wonderful though. We are BURIED in snow here. So far this week we've had 16 inches and are expecting 8 more tomorrow.

Karen Lee

Oh boy this is fun. I'm going to have to check out that Web Sampler link. Pretty fabrics. :)

What a pretty view you have out your back yard.

Sewing in Salinas Love, *karendianne.


Love to sit and sew in the rain. Nothing better. I could quilt all day in the rain. Well not IN the rain but in the rain. LOL Ozzie is no dummy!
I'm thinking of doing those civil war blocks. I love all that I'm seeing.


Well, add me to the list of participants. I just signed up for the Web Sampler myself. I'm glad I did, now that I see the colors of the fabric close up, gorgeous! Ozzie is just so darned cute! I can't get enough of him. I have always liked that breed.


OMG there's that sweet Ozzie...I'm loving the Web Sampler blocks...I did 4 while I was at the reatreat and 4 out of the other 5 gals were signing up today. They flipped over the blocks.

Cindy D

Well all I can say is I would rather have rain than what we have snow & ice. You wanna trade?

Mary Wood

You have a nice view out your back door, Ozzie looks like he is thinking im not getting my feet wet.My dog Hamish hates the rain too.we have to shove him out in it to go to the toilet. your material colours are great.
Hugs Mary.


Love your selection of fabrics and you get the best pictures of Ozzie. Quilting and rain or snow are just the best together.

Enjoy - Karen


Those fabrics are just yummy -- though, looking back at the other choices? I don't know that I would have been able to choose. They're all going to be just yummy quilts!


Lovely choices for your sampler. I don't blame Ozzie for staying inside! Sensible...


Lovely choices for your sampler. I don't blame Ozzie for staying inside! Sensible...

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