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February 08, 2008



I can't stop laughing at that first picture - he looks like he is smiling at the camera.

We must teach him the command "Don't run out into the street like a mad lunatic" I swear I'm the only person he does that to.


OMG I can't stop laughing...he is just so darn cute, I don't know how you could ever fuss at him. What a face! I swear he looks like there is a person inside that body.


Awwwwww... I LOVE the final photo! I couldn't bear to have a pet without spunk and personality!!

In self defense, though, my sister took her two toddler shnauzers (they're sisters) to "school" this past few months. It worked wonders. Lulu and Jazz still have plenty of spirit and style, but they also know how to "sit" and "stay" :-) (they still don't like wearing coats, though)

Give awesome Ozzie a Memphis hug!


He is so darned cute! I've always liked that breed of dogs. I bet it's hard to stay angry at him for very long.


Oh my little brother is so bad! How naughty to bite through cashmere! yes, kindergarten is a great idea! Let me know wher eyou plan to go! I have been online searching for pet supplies, and reading up on different types of food.
I am very excited that my own little guy is on his way is 3 weeks!


He is so cute! What kind of breed is he? I'm guessing some kind of terrier?


Lisa D.

What a handsome boy, but so naughty! How do you trust him around your beautiful quilts?


LOL Sounds like he has more of the Airedale attributes than just his looks.

Mary Wood

AW he is sooooo cute you just have to love him he looks so good with his new hair cut. I could just pick him up and hug him.
Hugs Mary


He may be naughty, but he's so so so darned cute!!

Jan Andrews

He looks like such a big boy! We have mini-schnauzers and they look so much like Ozzie when groomed. They are very naughty too. =)

Cindy D

Oh my goodness, I was just thinking about Ozzie today that you hadn't posted anything about him for awhile. He is just too darn cute but was a little bit of a bad boy. I think kindergarten might help him. They had on the news back here about a program of taking your dog to yoga and how it calms them down.


Oh he's so darn cute.


If that dog opened his mouth and talked to me I wouldn't be surprised-sort of like Brian in Family Guy, but cuter

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Oh Ozzie. I'm sorry you're being sentenced to doggy delinquent school. But you'll be a much better dog for the experience. You looking good with your new haircut.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Are those really Ozzie's teeth in the first photo? He looks like he also got Grandpa Jeevsie's set of false chompers. What a grin!


Smiling Dog!! Nicole, have you ever seen BARK magazine? They let you submit pixs of "smiling dogs" via email. I think Ozzie is magazine ready from that first pix! Take a look at an issue at Barnes and Noble and check out the adorable smilers...magazine is not too bad either! I have a Bichon named "Teddy" who says hee hee hee go for it Ozzie! By the way the only rule you really need to teach is to come to you...all the rest is gravy!


Your Ozzie photos are adorable! He is very handsome in his new haircut. He must be feeling extra spunky now! I'm sorry he chewed on the sweater, but with that sweet smiling face, I bet you can't be angry at him for too long! Thank you for the pictures!


Maybe his eyes are green because he is "hainted" by the spector of Jeeves coming after him since he destroyed his coat, lol.


But..........he's so darn cute!!!!! Come on MOM!!!


What a great post....I sure Ozzie will bring lots of humor to his class. Can't wait to hear the stories.

Anne Marie

Awwww, Ozzie is just soooo cute in a naughty kinda way!!! We have a terrier named sheila who could give Oz a run for his money... I won't put quilts out in the family room because she likes to rip holes in blankets when we leave her alone, tsk tsk tsk. They are so cute you just can't help loving them.


Ozzie, reign of terror? Surely you jest! He's just too darn cute! LOL I just love that dog...had to share the latest pics with hubby. He got a chuckle out of the cashmere sweater...sorry! Love his big boy haircut.


Ozzie is definately the cutest little big dog I've ever seen! What a smile and he seems to have great personality too! :-))

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