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February 25, 2008



This is going to be a beautiful quilt. It looks so fresh with the red and white. I have to remind myself to read ahead on patterns to see if there is a way to make the piecing simpler too. Otherwise I get into a quilt and then I won't finish because of the time factor. Enjoy.


Gorgeous pattern -- and your fabric choices are fabulous! Can't wait to see more!


Oh what a beauty you've got going there *s*


I love her designs as well but the instructions are intense. I have Ruby Slippers partially made.. just became overwhelmed. Love all your red and white.


Delicious! However you do it, this is going to be a loverly quilt Nicole.


Love the design, I am always on the look out for the easies way to piece things, I hate it when you have to work it out yourself, that’s why I buy patterns, so I don't have to stress the brain.


Love the design, I am always on the look out for the easies way to piece things, I hate it when you have to work it out yourself, that’s why I buy patterns, so I don't have to stress the brain.


Hang in there - sounds like your game plan will work now. I NEVER want to know how many pieces there are until AFTER I'm done sewing them together! Maybe it's called "Toulouse" as in "to lose your mind" or "to lose your temper." Seriously, though, it looks soooo gorgeous!

Cindy D

Hang in there girlfriend at Lisa had her thinking cap on for you. I am always double thinking on Ms. Rosie patterns too. You will have to do want I do when I run into problems, I call 1-800-PERRY. LOL


I love the fabrics you are using. You are right about it being a beautiful quilt when you get finished. Don't you just hate it when you can't get in a rhythm on a quilt? That seems to be me at the moment, too.

Mary Wood

Just love your fabrics you picked it will look lovely when finished I cant beleive how quick you seem to make up these blocks I am always amaized at your work.
Hugs Mary.

Miss Jean

I've come across the same problem. Luckily, the pattern I'm using is much smaller and uses less squares. However, it does say to cut out the 2" squares separately and then sew them into 9 patch blocks. Whatever happened to strip piece instructions?


Wow Nicole -- that's going to be a great quilt. I love the green print in the bottom right hand corner of the last picture. Can't wait to see this one finished!

Gena in Dallas

Toulouse is my all-time favorite Miss Rosie's pattern. And I agree wtih everyone else that your fabric choices are heavenly. Please don't forget to share a pic of the project when it is complete!


But your gonna have one beautiful quilt once your finished. Your my hero for taking on that challenge. I can't wait to see it finished. I'm glad you went with the red/green combo.


Gorgeous fabrics! Hang in there, have the utmost confidence in you! :) Keep Ozzie out of the way (send him over to my house awhile if you granddaughter Abby would love to entertain

Lisa D.

Sorry this one has been so frustrating for you. I'm really surprised the instructions were not simplified. Then again, you know Carrie and her bent for ultra scrappiness! Still, it looks like yours are plenty scrappy! I will have to keep this in mind for when I put my Toulouse quilt together!

Helen in the UK

This is going to be SOOOOO PRETTY!! Love your fabric choices and the pattern looks great. Shame about the limitations of the cutting instructions - probably best that you are tackling the cutting one step at a time :)


I've made this quilt and cut out and sewed the gazillion squares. I followed the directions like a good girl...grumbled quietly, screamed into my pillow at night and stomped my feet in a temper tantrum. I made it through to the end and just like childbirth, you'll soon forget the agony! Just persevere and when you are done you'll probably want to do another one!

Carole Meier

Love the pattern! I love looking at other people's fabric pile and saying, yea I have some of that, and that oh and look, this one too! You have great taste! ;o) lol

Karen Lee

I complete understand this post and have had occassion to think that very same think working on the Scarlet Begonia. I couldn't figure out how to "strip it" so I just went with tiny squares for my nine patches. Painful.

I can't wait to see the photos of the nine patches!!! I'm excited.


LOVE these fabrics!


your fabric choices are great! This is going to be a gorgeous quilt. I agree about the strip piecing of the 9 patches. Way too fussy cutting all those tiny squares!

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