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February 22, 2008



But he is so very cute!

Anne Marie

My oh my!!!! Me and my special sidekick are truly amused, my DD who is 8 just said, "Ozzie is a very bold dog" LOL!!!! You must have a hard time keeping a straight face with such an adorable friend.

Karen Lee

Lord Luv a Duck these puppies and their delusions of grandeur!

You know they have intentions of being artsy, right? The hole in the sweater needed mending - come on - he's trying to help out here?!


You are having the same kind of week I am having with my sewing machines. Can't find one that wants to work like I want it to, lol. Cheer up, there's always tomorrow.

Miss Jean

I'm telling you, I LOVE this dog!

Lisa D.

A pickle, indeed. Oh my goodness, he is cute as can be, even when he is being so naughty! I guess that pretty ball of yarn was just too tempting for Ozzie.


Bad Dog Ozzie!!! You're so darn cute, you can get away with anything!!!

Jan Andrews

Are you sure he's not part Schnauzer??? They must have a naughty gene in common somewhere up the tree....but, he's too cute!!!


ROFLOL!!!!! That Ozzie is hysterical. Of course he's YOUR child, not MINE. That's why I find him so funny.


My dog Rocket was like that.. it took so much longer to get him whipped into shape. (No whipping involved) I recognize many Rockety hijinks and the exact look Ozzie is giving in that photo.


Oh my, but how can you get mad at him with that face. I just love the adventures of Ozzie. He always makes me smile :-)!


He's such a charmer. Kind of like my second son who always was so cute he could get away with murder.

Hey, girlfriend, remember your snowball blocks quilt pic that you posted on September 18? Take a look at what you inspired -- the blocks are on my wall just itching to be assembled!

n, np


Oh my gosh, if he weren't so darn cute you would really have to fuss at him.


but he looks so cute adorned in yarn!!!!


Oh that look!!! I know it so well!!
(But you must admit. . . he looks really good in those colors! Maybe Ozzie's giving you a hint!)


So how's Puppy School coming along??????

Chris@Cats On My Quilts

But you can't resist that adorable face can you!


Oh look at him, isn't he adorable! They know we love them...imagine: we find them in this situation and we take photos of them...LOL!
Have a nice weekend and enjoy your patchwork day!!!


Seeing the photos, it would be hard for me to stay angry... Ozzie is just SO darn cute!!! I'm sorry about your yarn, but I just can't stop giggling at the look on his face!

Mary Wood

How could you get mad with a cute face like that. You will have to build sone shelves up high so he cant get to them then again knowing him he would find a way LOL.Nicole have you been getting my Emails?
Hugs Mary


Holy smokes how could you be mad at the lovable sweet innocent face, LOL. He is just toooooo cute.

Hugs - Karen

Cindy D

Oh, oh I see puppy school is not helping him yet. He looks so darn cute and innocent.


rut roh Ozzie.....oh dear. I hope it wasn't already a project in works.


Oh but he looks so cute, it would be impossible to stay upset at him for very long!


very crafty of Ozzie

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