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March 24, 2008


Susan Ramey Cleveland

Love that little Remy Bunny. Hope your husband is over his illness soon.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Love that little Remy Bunny. Hope your husband is over his illness soon.

Lyda Loehring

Can your family adopt me????? What a great tradition and togetherness. I loved readying about it. I also have a Westie and they are such different animals. Remy is the cutiest....Mine is 2 years old and his name is Nesbitt....Thanks for letting us read about your family and your happenings. Hope Hubby is well soon.....

Lisa D.

Your family gatherings always sound so spectacular, like reading some novel. Thanks for sharing your traditions. What fun!


Sounds perfect! I have no idea how I would seat 21 peeps in my home...that would be a feat in itself!


Sweet photos, good looking yummy food.

And 60 days, I have another 30 to go???? No wonder my cough syrup had a refill. Gross.

Karen Lee

Very lovely. A meal and a day that lingers on into the next with good feels. ;)

Remy is cute!

Mary Wood

What a feast It makes me hungry to look at it all Im glad you all had a good time Glad mil is getting better.And hope your hubby gets better soon.he needs a hot toddy.1 tbs of honey.1 tbs of whisky half a small cup of boiling water mix together drink then go to bed. my grannie made this for us when we had a cold.
Hugs Mary.


Sounds like a wonderful day. Spending time with family is the best. We spent it at my daughter in laws parent's house along with lots of their family and my adorable grandson who started walking last Friday when I was baby sitting him! He even got into the egg hunt. Haven't had this much fun since my kids were little ages ago.


Ooooh, it's all so beautiful Nicole. Your family sounds like ours at holidays -- heaven forbid we should alter the traditions LOL!


The table looks so pretty. Great rice krispy lamb and that dog is adorable.


How wonderful to have such meaningful traditions... thank you for sharing them with us!

Best wishes to your hacking hubby as he recovers.

Miss Jean

The table looked absolutely beautiful! I love the eggs in the long basket. Simple and stunning. And that little westie - adorable. Can you share your blueberry french toast strata thingy?


Your family affairs are wonderful! I always enjoy hearing about them. Tell Sara her lamb was spectacular and I love her embellishments. I hope your husband recuperates quickly. That stuff is no fun at all.


Well, no wonder everyone shows up every year unless they are very ill or very far away...who would want to miss all of this??? Such fun to see and hear that long basket with the eggs in.

The Easter lamb of Rice Krispie treats is so clever...I never would have thought of doing anything like that, but it would be a big hit around here with the boys. Filing that one away for next year. (And, you know...if you ever want to shake it up a bit, I can see that lamb formed in a little bit different way, perhaps, and colored slightly resemble...well, you-know-who: OZZIE! Can't you just see an OZZIE treat like that? Maybe for his birthday!)

Un-crafter that I am (that's why I love your blog so much, I can live vicariously), I tried coloring the eggs a la Martha Stewart from last week's show...hers were lovely bits of lacey looking girly type eggs...mine, well they looked like the Shroud of Turin dyed eggs...foggy and intermittent. Shown on the blog in case you are in need of a good laugh under "Craft-ING." Have a good week and thanks for always sharing with us!


Traditions are a wonderful thing, aren't they? Thank you for sharing yours. I love the picture of Remy, too! Sorry your hubby couldn't join in the festivities.


Nicole, I just love Remy...look at that darling pup! If you can email me your mailing address..I have a darling little card I want to send dog groomer's brother is a pet artist and, well, you will see!

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