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March 28, 2008



Naughty Ozzie! We can compare notes - Jack our now departed Airedale was also impossible to train, incorrigible with chewing. We had the only car in Australia with Airedale improved mud flaps. As for the garden, let's not even go there.

It was worth it though and we still miss him.


Naughty Ozzie! We can compare notes - Jack our now departed Airedale was also impossible to train, incorrigible with chewing. We had the only car in Australia with Airedale improved mud flaps. As for the garden, let's not even go there.

It was worth it though and we still miss him.


WOW. That is one bad fellow.

Account Deleted

Have booked Ozzie on next flight to Australia :) He is so adorable...

Karen Lee

Oh lord! Those shoes are so luscious, too. Oh my I love those shoes. You have the best taste and oh I'm mad.

This was a dern "Capital Offense" we call that around here. He bloody well can stay out there and chew that dern hose! He's so completely busted on this. I certainly hopes he realizes we are not speaking to him as of NOW! And another thing, I dont want to see those sad eyes and get out of my sight while you're at it because the next thing you're eating is a shoe. ...and oops...I thought he was coming before the LeeHaven Tribunal.

High Crimes and Misdemeanors Love, *karendianne.


OMG that is one hysterical photo of Ozzie at the backdoor. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry about your poor orange shoes. I think I hear Ozzie saying I'm sorry.

Cindy D

oh my, Ozzie was really a very bad boy. I don't believe he did that. I am feeling your pain Nicole


Rut Ro as Astro would say. Did you actually see Ozzie do this number on your orange python gladiators? I think someone is trying to set Ozzie up, I refuse to believe he did this after doing so well in school. LOL


Oh my god Nikki. That is so sad. And I can completely understand you feeling "sick" over the whole thing. If I totalled up the amount of underwear, pants, shoes, bras, CARPET, more carpet, pillows and QUILTS handmade by various people in my life, my Lulu has chewed, I would cry. I would throw up. But, think of the joy that the little stinker gives you, the companionships, the kisses and cuddles. He is your baby and I bet you will (eventually) forgive him. I completely understand where you are right now. Damn dog!



I love, love, love your blog, and I adore your work! Ozzie is beautiful, and when I see photos of him, I so miss my soft-coated wheaten terrier (who was also stubborn, often obnoxious, and strong willed!)
That said, I have one question: However did Ozzie open the closet door and get to the top of your closet where, I'm sure you put your delicious, expensive orange pumps to avoid having the little scoundrel get to them??


Let's say the dog has good taste in shoes. Orange shoes, oh what a shame, orange is my favorite color and then shoes are about one of my favorite things to buy and own other than fabric and purses. I feel for you.


Oh, poor Ozzie. I'm sure he didn't mean to ruin your new shoes. Were they put away where he couldn't easily get to them? *s* You can always buy another pair of shoes, but there's only one Ozzie. Look at that face! Give him another chance...


I knoe you are sick, Nicole, but he is only a dog, albeit a cute one. As my mother would say, you should have known better than to let him find them. I am so sorry for your loss of those shoes, and I would have done the same thing you did, but I wouldn't have waited for someone to come get him, I would have taken him to the pound right then. What a mess! That is one reason I don't like dogs.


Oh, no!

Jan Andrews

Naughty, naughty, naughty. My Gator has eaten over $600 worth of shoes and she's nine years the math and keep your closet doors shut! We always tell guests to keep the bedroom doors shut because she frequently offends when we've left home and friends are in town visiting. Bad, bad puppies.


Oh do I remember those days. Those memories stop me everytime I see a cute little puppy. You lost shoes (gorgeous shoe, by the way!) I lost a pair of diamond earrings and one gold hoop...I wish my dog liked shoes! Now that she is 13...I laugh. It took the full 13 years!
Ozzie looks really happy to be outside...hehe!



EEEEEEEEEEEEKKKK! those poor shoes!

Ozzie looks like he doesn't mind being outside lol

Francisca R.

I see one naughty teenager, who is teaching you a lesson in putting away EVERYTHING!!!!
For the last 10 - almost 11 - years someone told me to put away anything cosmetic! Our dog LOVES lipsticks and creames........
(wonderfull shoes bij the way.....Ozzie has taste....)


Oh dear! Look at that jail bird at the back door! I think he needs to meet the Dog Whisperer!


Hmmm- maybe you can take the shoes back and say they didn't fit properly?


And I love how in the last picture you can see Dennis has carefully put HIS shoes up on the bbq to avoid being Ozzied.

Miss Jean

First of all, I have to apoligise for calling Ozzie an Airedale. With that in mind, I want you to know that if we hadn't just got a new puppy, I would take him off your hands. He really is so cute and I mostly wear tennis shoes and slippers - no expensive heels.

However, we now have Maggie, a scottish terrier puppy. My friend Becky called and said, "Jean, you have to come and see her. She has the sweetest temperment!" Yea, right. We call her Maggie the Terrible! What a little pistol! She has already learned to climb stairs, chew cords, and attack toes. Seriously, we love her, but as soon as she is old enough, it's off to school for her. Not the one you sent Ozzie to........

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Now Mom. I know you're upset about your shoes. But just look at that face. Lock up all the shoes and ironing cords, and let that boy come inside--or put him on the next plane to Alabama.


were those from Lloyd's????? Mom, you just need to put a lock on your closet door somehow. this is such a shame!!! WHat happend to Nazi puppy school??? Have you asked the teacher about this??


Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! I don't know what else to say.

Poor Nicole!
Poor Ozzie!

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