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March 31, 2008



HMMMMM - interesting! I'll be back to see your progress! :-)

Karen Lee

Well goodness gracious The Rigid Quilter has moved in at your house. I'm glad she's gone from here. I find The Rigid Quilter quite helpful when it comes to knockin' stuff out. I'm excited to watch a couple finishes.

But let me just ask if perhaps Raise the Roof could go more towards the bottom? I want to do that one and it would be fun to do it around the same time.

Oh me oh my, look at me trying to toss a wrench in your flow. Totally inappropriate!!! Very bad Karen!!! If I dont stop it I'll have to go before the Tribunal.

Making Misdemeanors Love, *karendianne.


But they are organized so nicely! (And where DID you find those lovely boxes?)

Lisa D.

I can certainly relate to the overwhelming amount of projects. This from a person who, a year ago, finished every project before starting the next. Now? Not so much. I must say that you do have everything so very neatly organized. Maybe we can make a pact to buy no more and work on finishing some of these UFOs. I need to do that too! I'm right there with you, girlfriend.


I feel so much better after looking at your UFO's, Nicole! I have a ton myself, and it's nice to know I'm not alone! I have put myself on a fabric diet, because I have been totally overwhelmed with all the projects I will do "someday". The "diet" is NOT easy, as I can't help but look at all the wonderful fabrics and projects online, but there will always be wonderful things to do, won't there?


only thing worse is working in a quilt shop. I told one of the girls this week if I walked near the cutting table with fabric that she was to refuse to cut anything for me. Oh, there must be a twelve step program to help us out. What I preach to my students is to finish two projects before you can purchase anything for a new project. Do I listen to my own advice....NEVER!!!! Here's hoping that there is some kind of cure. Have to leave now...working on a new project. ACK!!!!! XXX Annie from San Diego

Chris@Cats on my Quilts

I blame the fabric designers who keep coming up with such fabulous fabrics. I am on a stash busting conquest this year so we'll see how I do.


But your UFO's all look so nice and organized...pretty boxes...nice labels...keep us posted on your progress. Maybe you'll be able to write a book on how we can all finish our'll make tons of money on the book and we'll all be done with UFO's...LOL!

Nancy Stevens

I have an Excel spreadsheet of my WISPs. I'm a bit envious of your storage boxes and labels . . . .

N, NP who bought way too much fabric at Lancaster show

Betty J

I'm extremely envious of your UFO organization. I wish my quilty storage area looked like yours. :) I'm only organized inside my head. lol


Wow I can't get over how organized you are.

Miss Jean

I'm with you on this one. I have sooooo many projects started and kits I want to make. I always say that in case of a nuclear war and there are no more fabric stores, I'll be set! You give all of us quilters inspiration.

How's Ozzie?


Your projects are so neatly put in there boxes, mine seem to live out in the open where they are harder to ignore. Sometimes I think it’s just as well that I work, otherwise who know how many projects I could start.


Good luck to you on your goals. I know firsthand how hard it is going to be as I forced myself to actually admit to all my UFOs as well. I even posted them all on my blog so it will guilt me into completing them. But I don't know about not ever purchasing any more until I finish. I'm too weak. LOL! :o)


Well. At least it's all nicely organized . . . right?


Quite a while ago I made a list of all my unfinished projects, then I categorized them into how much work it would take to get them finished. So then if I had an afternoon or a weekend or whatever chunk of time there was, I knew what I could look at to work on. It kept me from my bad habit of going into my sewing room and just going in circles, wringing my hands and saying 'what should I work on??' I really have whittled my UFO's down to a reasonable pile. Another way to attack it is to work on the winter stuff in the summer and the summer stuff in the winter and then when the appropriate season has come you will have a new quilt! (I seem to have a knack of finishing a Christmas quilt on New Year's Day). Good luck with your task!! I think we have all been there!


Good Luck with the UFOs! If you figure out how to get more of them done let us know. I've more than a few that are starting to bother me.

Mary Wood

WOW I wish I had as much material as you have but it is all neat and tidy in boxes the material I have is in cardboard boxes but now I will do what you have done Thanks for the tipI do scrapbooking I knit And Crochet also cross stitch so you can just imagine what my craft room looks like yours is tidy.
Hugs Mary.


Who cares??? This is supposed to be fun. Quilting is not a "have to". We have enough of those. Just pound out a couple of them and you'll feel much better!

I publicized all my knitting projects on my blog a couple months ago and I felt terrible. I pounded out a few projects and I feel much better about life.


You are so very organized there. Is Ozzie in one of those boxes with what's left of your shoes???? LOL!!!!!!


Your organization skills are certainly showing, Nicole. Now to keep it that way. Good luck! lol...I have mine in plastic containers also, and every time I open the closet door they all scream at me to work on them. Now I am putting containers on the floor and in another room....I don't think I can hear them as much if they are in there. I hope there is hope for both of us but I doubt it will last for either of us, lol, but we are trying,right?


Nicole, where did you buy those boxes from? I need to order some (a lot). LOL

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