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March 10, 2008


Karen Lee

Nicole, you're right about this! Excellent post. Most excellent.

Wise Quilter Love, *karendianne.


I've tried both these methods, several times. They both work well. However, I've learned that the old method of using one large triangle and two small triangles work just as well for me and result in no waste. It's the waste of this method that bothers me. I can't throw away the little triangles - which is why one of my scrap project involves hundreds of tiny half square triangle squares!


I'll have to remember to add that smidge of allowance next time. I have noticed that this Web Sampler has quite a few flying geese, some of mine come out great, some wonky. Too bad we don't have enough fabric to do it your other method.


The fun part about this method is you can quickly stitch up the triangle pieces you cut away and have a happy little stack of broken dishes right before your very eyes. I just love getting 2 for 1 *s*


hmmmm, I always sew ON the line....and it's wonky. I'll try just above and see what happens. Thanks for sharing the tip!


I'm sure going to give that a try on these WS's been driving me crazy! Thanks


This is a great tip and the way I do my flying geese and my hsts, when I have a specific amount of fabric I am working with. That tiny difference allows for the fabric being folded back upon itself.

The Carolina Quilter

I couldn't find your previous post about the other method of flying geese but I am assuming you're talking about the one where you start with a big square, ? I like this method the best and love the sawtooth star block. I like your Toulouse quilt also.


I've been making mine the "patchpieces" way for years. It's neat because you get a bunch done really fast. I have a sheet with instructions on the wall I often refer to. Love those fabrics you're using. Very yummy.

Mary Wood

I am going to have a try as this Nicole.Are you receving my emails I am sending to you?.
Hugs Mary.


Thank you so much for both flying geese techniques! You are a wonderful teacher, Nicole, and you have made my quilting life much, much easier!

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