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March 18, 2008



I'm so glad your MIL is on the mend, that's cute that she and her roomy have bonded and promise to keep in touch when they are on the outside. LOL Remy and Ozzie are just so danged cute! I was cracking up over here with visions of Ozzie rolling Remy all over the house like a hedgehog. I'm still smiling, I have a mental picture of that. LOL


What wonderful news about your glad she is enjoying her room mate.
Ozzie and Remy couldn't be cuter!


Glad that your MIL is doing better.
Laugh at your photo, with the other toys in the background and the dogs both playing with the same one.

Beth Dasecke

oh Nicole I am so glad things are looking better for your Mil
Nicole I just want to say a very special thank you to you
You are an amazing person and mum and I are so glad we can call you our friend
hugs Beth


so glad things are looking up and how can you not be more cheerful with those two adorable pups. You don't need to answer my e-mail. You've got enough going on. Can't wait to see what you're up to next.

Leigh Gibson

Glad to hear things are settling down for you.


It's nice to hear that your MIL is so much better in the new place. It can be a draining time for you . . . so remember to take some time for yourself.

Mary Wood

Hi Nicole Im glad your Mil is getting better and she has found a new friend Friends are special people.I love the photos of the dogs they look so playfull together looking forward to your next update.
Hugs Mary.

Karen Lee

(1) Bursting with excitement about your new class. I didn't know! (2) I'm so thankful to hear your MIL is healing rapidly; you're love and caring makes a huge difference and (3) OMG Remy is toooo cuteamous and I'm soooo very proud of Ozzie for being a good older boy. (4) I can't wait to see the fabulous new fabrics and (5) with Love, *karendianne.


Dear Nicole, So glad to hear from you! When I clicked on your link I paused first with a little prayer that you had gotten a chance to update and that things were better. Yeah! So glad. The power of women...two women in a room and the connection begins! Two women on a computer...imagine if we were all neighbors! xo Pam p.s. Oh the dogs are just so darling, love seeing those pixs!


Glad things have settled somewhat for your MIL. I know you were really concerned about her. Bonding with her roomy is probably the best thing that could have happened. I can see where Ozzie would outsmart the "runt", after all, he is bigger, and such a clown. I know you enjoy him.


My MIL is 86, nearing 87, and I see parallels with your MIL and the health issues. Hope she is much nearer to going home and gains her independence soon. I love to see the animals playing together, especially dogs and cats - and often a dog and a cat! Ozzie is a real character. I look for his antics since the ball of wool episode.

Lisa D.

I'm glad to hear your MIL got settled and the issues resolved. I know you must have been through the wringer these last 2 weeks.

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