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March 04, 2008


Susan Ramey Cleveland

Mary did good--with the blocks and with the husband. Beautiful bride and groom. Congratulations, Mary.


Oh isn't her dress pretty! How awesome to see the blocks used!!


Absolutely gorgeous, Mary...the quilt is just very very lovely, as are you. Congratulations on your wedding! Beautiful photo of the two of you. How sweet is that?

Thanks for sharing, Nicole!


What a lovely quilt, Mary! And what a lovely husband! Congratulations on both! Thanks for sharing this, Nicole.

Chris@Cats On My Quilts

Good job Mary! And I am really impressed with your 30 grandchildren. They are the lucky ones!

Beth Dasecke

ohhh wow thank you.
My mum is such a special person and so is my Dad. This is her first real quilt so I am very proud of her.
Mum gave me the other half of the blocks and I will send A pic when I have put them togther.
hugs Beth

Mary Wood

Hi Nicole I feel proud to be on your blog. Thanks to wou for the blocks I realy enjoyed making a quilt with them I am hooked now.And thanks for your comments girls.That daughter of mine has been up to no good sending you a photo of our wedding Naughty girl Beth.I also have two great grand children.Thanks Nicole you are my inspiration top keep on quilting.
Hugs Mary.


Wow! 30 grandchildren . . . I'm exhausted *s*


Congrats Mary!!! Great quilt you made. And did you say 30 grandkids??? Can I just have ONE??


WOW!! mum (beth) told me to pop over and have a look at nannas quilt and isnt it fantastic!!!!
(yes i am one of those 30 grandchildren!!) haha beautiful job nanna xox

Karen Lee

Isn't she lovely? Well, you both are!

Over 30 grandchildren. Whew. That's a lot.

Family Tree Love, *karendianne.

Lisa D.

What fun to "meet" Mary and see what she did with those beautiful blocks! Wonderful!


Congratulations Mary on your marriage & your lovely quilt. Best wishes!

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