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March 05, 2008



I continue to think of him as adorable but now he is also brilliant as well.
I loved your entry about Mary yesterday. What a lovely lady.


He is just the absolute cutest...glad he's leaving the iron alone now. Gets expensive...but he's worth it. :-)


I hope your hubby doesn't read your blog! lol
I also enjoyed your post about Mary yesterday. What a pretty quilt she made and what a sweet lady.


What a smart....albeit, baaaaad doggie!!!! LOL


I'm glad Ozzie puts safety first!
Sorry that you've had to resort to underhanded behavior. Rocket ate one cord and that was it.


That is too funny how you disposed of the evidence in a Costco trash can! What is it with pets and cords? We have 3 cats, two are mine and one is the neurotic one that my husband brought in when we married. That cat is a piece of work. She chews every cord she can get her paws on! We had to get a new computer keyboard because she chewed the keyboard cable, now that took some work, because she had to get it out from behind the desk. But she does chew on everything else. She's just been lucky so far she hasn't electrocuted herself!

Mary Wood

Nicole you need to unplug ihe iron after you use it and get hubby to put a hook on the wall near where you use the iron so you can hang the lead on it when not in use then ozzie cant get at it.then that ozzie is so smart he would find a way to get at it.I can just picture you at the bin looking over your shoulder to see if anyone is watching you LOL you naughty girl.
Hugs Mary.


Oh, bad puppy! Sorry, I'm kind of laughing at this one. Then again, I have to make sure mine is unplugged and the cord is out of reach due to a small human. She doesn't try to chew on cords, but well, she has been known to see one and say disturbing things like "jump rope" (shudder).


We had a rabbit who ate cords. Did you know that it's pretty easy to splice the cables back together? My dad usually did them, but the appliance repair folks can also help. I had a TV plug redone at a local repair place and only paid $10.


What a wonderful, thoughtful little dog Ozzie is -- he's just looking out for you. He see you slaving over a hot iron and he just can't bear to see you suffer so. He's a keeper! And the hubby doesn't read the blog does he????


Omigosh... what a funny story! I love the way you shared the adventure!!

Lisa D.

LOL - yes, let's hope your hubby doesn't read the blog. I know mine reads my blog sometimes. Gotta have our little secrets. Glad to know Ozzie is safe, even when he's naughty. Clever doggie to unplug first! How are the puppy classes going?

Lynne in Hawaii

Sure hope your DH does not read the blog of the jib is up! Yep, it is simple to splice on a new plug end and a lot cheaper. Ozzie is way to cute. It has to be really hard to be angry with him.

Miss Jean

Maybe Ozzie is iron deficient? Yuck Yuck!!!

My friend's Mom was sewing happily along one day when all of a sudden her sewing machine stopped dead in it's track. She looked down and her new puppy had eaten through the cord that was PLUGGED IN! It's a wonder he didn't fry his little self. What is it with cords?

Hugs to Ozzie


Besides not electricuting himself, the puppy is lucky the iron doesn't smack him on the head? Or maybe that is the problem, he pulls at it, it falls, hits him on the head and THEN he goes after the cord as revenge. Perhaps that's why he is scared of Seagulls, they might look like big, flying irons about to land on his puppy head! Poor guy. I'd hate the beach, too!

Beth Dasecke

oh Nicole Ozzie is such a ratbag we had a puppy once that chewwd the cord of dhs welder ohh well hope he grows out of it soon
hugs Beth


Oh my goodness you sound like me, only my culprit was a rabbit and I won't tell how many cords it chomped through and I had to hide the evidence.


I think you have met your match with Ozzie. Why don't you just teach him to iron, then maybe he wouldn't destroy them? lol


That Ozzie - he's just the cutest and it sure would be hard to be mad at him :). Sounds like a smart cookie also.

Hugs - karen


I'm glad he unplugged the irons first before chewwing began. How could anyone be mad at him, though, as he has the cutest face! I bet that has got him out of many a hassle. Hi to Ozzie!

Karen Lee

I love it when you're twisted ...and for the record I had a sneaking suspicion Ozzie was smart enough to work this out.


Very Brainy Dog to Love, *karendianne.

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