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March 26, 2008



Nicole I am so jealous of your garden! Ours won't look like that till June or July : (


What a beautiful garden you have. Don't you just love living in California? I have lived in Southern California all my life and I can't imagine living anyplace else. Well, yes I can, Northern California! Love it there too! Yet another cute Ozzie picture! Thanks for sharing!


You should be grateful to live in CA -- your flowers are just gorgeous! Poor Ozzie looks pooped from all that gardening LOL!

Mary Wood

Your garden is just Gorgeous I love flowers of any sort What a display you have. And just look at that lazy dog he is spoilt.
Hugs Mary.

Lynne in Hawaii

Your flowers are beautiful! Thanks for the floral tour! Looks like a great place to contemplate and nourish the soul.


Everything looks beautiful Nicole. It will be another month here before I can put out impatiens, and before my azaleas bloom, that is if they aren't all dead from the horrid winter we had. And more before my lillies bloom. When we lived on the Gulf Coast I had flowers this early, and I do miss that. Looks to me like Ozzie is contemplating how long it is going to be before you move your leg, lol.

Karen Lee

Ohh, this is so cool.

Nicole, I dont mean to point out cosmic so early in the morning but...well I didn't get to your blog until AFTER I wrote mine this morning. There's a eerie similarity.

Connected over the Miles by Love, *karendianne who love the flowers and is sucked in by Ozzie! ;)


Beautiful garden. If you had been to Maine lately you would be even more grateful you live in California. We can't seem to get rid of our snow and with the exception of yesterday the temperature has been in the 30's.


Oh Nicole your flowers are just your garden. And look at that sweet Ozzie...could he be cuter or sweeter?

Chris@Cats on my Quilts

You are lucky to live in California but I love NH too despite this horrible winter. I actually had to open my car window on the way home from work yesterday. It was 55 degrees! A heat wave!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Your garden is lovely, Nicole. One thing that I definitely did NOT inherit from my mama and grandmother is a green thumb. The struggles with weeds and bugs and drought defy me. I'm just no good at it. Plus I hate getting my hands dirty. But I do love a pretty garden.


OOooohh I'm jealous of the wonderful weather and plants blooming. We're under a snow storm watch here today. I've seen a little dead grass this week but that's it for spring so far.


Beautiful flowers! I'm very interested in your "bridal veil". All of the bridal veils that I have had have been planted in hanging baskets because they have been a creeping plant. They are beautiful when full of blooms and hanging down from the bush variety. Oh yeah, they're white too. I'd LOVE to have a bush variety. Now I must search.


Your flowers are gorgeous. We're north of you a few hundred miles and we may have snow tomorrow. It has snowed in parts of Portland yesterday and today. The sun is shining but it C-O-L-D outside! No masses of pretty flowers for us yet. No baskets of geraniums for awhile. ~Adrienne~


So far today we have had rain, snow, and sleet -- seeing these flowers has really made my day! Sorry I've been silent for a bit -- but I'm finally catching up! Good for you for intervening for your MIL -- it's amazing how badly we treat folks who we should be honoring! LOVE the baskets and the other fabric goodies and your student's quilt is wonderful!


Everything is beautiful, Nicole! I would be outside working in the garden and soaking up the sun, too! We had snow yesterday! Spring is trying to show its happy face in Washington, but it's still too wet and cold to truly enjoy it, so I am going to drink in the warmth of your garden. Thanks for sharing!


Beautiful garden photos...go ahead and gloat...we still love you here in the midwest where there is NOTHING blooming yet. Maybe if I click my heels together three times and say, "There's no place like California...." Probably not...only works in movies with munchkins and yellow brick roads. Enjoy, enjoy. And keep posting photos so we can live vicariously.


Lovely garden, it will still be a few more weeks before things start to flower here, for now I will have to make do with fresh flowers inside.

Connie W

Thanks for all the lovely photos.

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