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April 16, 2008



I have heard of Strip Poker, where you use 2.5" strips (jelly rolls) as your money for betting. I think 5" charms would work nicely as well.

Also the Fons & Porter Quilt Bingo is always fun.


Ohhh I love that pile of pink goodness.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Somebody was telling about that game at the last retreat I attended. But I cvan't for the life of me remember the rules. We have played the Fons and Porter Quilt Bingo for a couple of years. That's fun. And we played "Dirty Quilter" this time. It's like Dirty Santa and instead of Christmas gifts, everyone brings a gift that is quilting related. Set a price limit. Then everyone draws a number and gifts are chosen and unwrapped, or gifts are stolen as the person chooses. If you don't know the rules to Dirty Santa and are interested, I could be more specific. It's fun. If I think of the rules to that Left, Right Center game, I'll let you know.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Nicole, here's a site that explains the rules of the Left Center Right game, except you would use fat quarters instead of poker chips.
Also you need a special set of dice that you can find here:
You might can also find the dice at Wal-Mart or at a toy and game store. Hope this helps.


If the prize is those lovely pink and white fat quarters (cherries!!) the game is played this way: everyone gets a fat quarter. Everyone gives them to the person whose name starts with K and ends with E. End of game...


Sounds like your retreat will be a lot of fun! At the retreats through my LQS the organizer had a board game called fact or crap. She asked questions as we quilted and gave out poker chips for correct answers. The person with the most chips at the end of the day won. It wasn't quilt related but we didn't have to stop sewing to play and it got everyone involved in a group activity.

Mary Wood

No sorry cant help you with any games.But I love the pink materials they are yummy.Have a great time.
Hugs Mary.

Karen Lee

Looks like maybe you got some ideas.

These pinks are the classic shade that I love. Such a graceful, lovely pink.

Classic, Timeless Love, *karendianne.


My quilting group plays that all the time. It's great fun. Everyone brings 3 fat quarters. We usually have a theme. Here is an ebay listing with the rules included.
One year our group was in charge of the area meeting of about 75 quilters. We got enough dice sets for each table to play separately. It was great fun listening to the "LEFT, LEFT, LEFT" or "RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT" all over the room as people were rolling.


Hi! Yes I know the game and we did it at our Christmas guild meeting- it had us all stand in a circle and the leader told our group a story about the "Rights". The story had lefts in them too unfortunatley I cannot remember it but I am going to my guild meeting tonight and will ask where they got the story! I will try to come back tonight!

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