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April 16, 2008


Lisa D.

Don't like CHOCOLATE???? Sacrilege! I'm not sure we can still be friends! lol


No wonder Ozzie likes shoes so much...he has lots to pick from...LOL! He is just so darn cute...he couldn't look any more innocent if he tried.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

If for no other reason, I'd still like you because you spoil your doggy just like I do. I think we should spoil our dogs to make up for all the poor ones who have to make their livings on the street. I wish I could spoil them all.

Nancy Stevens

Of course I like you! No one else makes me feel my stash is modest!!!!!

n, np


Wow, is your fabric in your garage? Look how tidy that is.

And #7.. nothing odd about that at all.


Weird? Hardly. Thanks for sharing!

Chris@Cats on my Quilts

I used to work in a candy store when I was a teen too. It was a little store owned by a mean Greek man but he sure made good chocolates. I drove my parents crazy when I would come home smelling like chocolate. And if you'd like me to help you with your fabric habit I am willing to fly to California with an empty suitcase and help out.


Just wondering what TMI is? Too much information?

That fabric stash looks like maybe it is more than just what is in your sewing room?


Definitely not TMI Nicole! Fun stuff. My mom eloped to Reno too -- she loves to tell everyone how she got married in her bare feet. Unlike you though, that's just something my mom would do. Although she's the queen, I can't quite see her as a princess bride LOL!


I am so glad that you said that you were not that keen on chocolate, as neither am I. It’s nice to know that I'm not the only one. Who can resist any chocolate dessert - I can.

Stacy A

Nicole, this is one of the cutest posts ever! I love knowing the little fun things that give us all character. I have no toenail on my big right toe, so I couldn't wear any of those shoes lol. There, that was a little TMI too. And no one can have enough cookbooks right? I just recently started reading you but have enjoyed every second. Thanks for sharing those little tidbits. Love Stacy

Mary Wood

Nicole This is the best post I have ever read and guess what you are a normal girl except for the not liking chocolat bit I love all your books and shoes and as for your stash of material I wish I had half of what you have got Im jealous and I bet all the other girls are too.
Hugs Mary.


Great post, Nicole. I think I like the one about you eloping the best. Maybe you should get married again to make up for running off the first time? lol...and Ozzie, I see he is back in your good graces again. He's a pretty smart, cute as can be, dog!

Karen Lee

How fun! More connecting.

I may miss shoes my friend but that DOES NOT mean I don't love them so share pics when you get 'em!!! I still search out the cute ones - even in my state. I loooove shoes!

I collect a certain type of book as well, not cooking but collecting. We share loves.

My Bay Area parents also eloped to Reno!

...and hugest of all. The thumb.

I'll just stop here. This is a lot of cosmic connections for so early in the morning. Even I'm trippin' out.



Ozzie does own that chair, doesn't he!!!


I am giggling.. just read your post about the doggie chewing your shoes, and now he is in your dh's chair? I guess he is forgiven! LOL

I'll be sure to come back and visit your blog!



oh your not to odd but another thing about you is you are very neat and organised going on the shoes, fabric stash and bookshelf.......send some of this organisation my way......


Those can't be the chewed up python wedges I spy in that photo?! Were they repaired. It was a sad day in shoeland when that happened!

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