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April 17, 2008



Gene is the Alpha dog & Ozzie I trying to take that position...

Does the trainer ever let Gene "Play" with the puppies?

I lived with a guy who had a puppy & we took her to training, she was the "queen" the trainer had a session where her very well trined dogs got to play with the puppies - she kind of put her in line... (I think she waited to long of rthat lesson...)


Hmmm...that Gene dog looks a bit too smug...kinda like one of those little kids that look like an angel, but when your back is turned is teasing your kid. You know the ones I mean? Because, although Ozzie has a few 'problems', we know it can't be his fault, he's a lover, not a fighter!


I'm really enjoying your Ozzi stories. You're a very good writer. P.S. I'm keeping my fingers crossed your job search ends successfully soon.


Maybe Ozzie wants to be 'teacher's pet' and feels with Gene in the picture there may be no hope. Gene's gotta go *s*


Oh my, I don't know what to say about Gene! Ozzie is just full of personality, we should be thankful for that. Isn't Gene a great name for a dog, like Gene Kelly.


That picture of Ozzie and Remy is adorable! Hmmm, sounds more like Ozzie needs the Dog Whisperer!

Mary Wood

Ozzie just wants to be boss he might be getting bad vibes off Gene.Stick your heels in Ozzie and show them all that you can do it LOL.
Hugs Mary.

Francisca R.

Oh, that Ozzie! He is quit a character! I think he has to learn to ignore......but that's the hardest part!
My Rhodesian Ridgeback Shona HATES one Golden Retriever lady in the neighbourhood: and why??? We don't know! Shona is now 10 y. old, Lefty (the G.R.) is 11 y. old and this is the situation for 10 years now!
Shona has learned not to chase every deer, hare or pheasant, not to embrace everyone who comes to our house, that shoes are not there to eat (!).........but Lefty.......she will never learn I think.....
By the way, I think she would LOVE to play with Ozzie ànd with Gene (love the name!)
Woef from the Netherlands!

Karen Lee

Its true. Dogs are like people. Sometimes they just don't like another for no known reason.

But I like you! :>

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