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May 03, 2008


Susan Ramey Cleveland

Those blue and white log cabin blocks are so pretty.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Those blue and white log cabin blocks are so pretty.


I love the log cabins - the blue is so restful. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

Karen Lee

Oh those blue log cabins. How can I forget what a lovely combination that is!

And my very warm hugs and love to Katy. I hope everyone gets a moment to make a donation. Even 5.00 is more than they had to fight this disease yesterday.

Imagine if we put all the donations together!


I notice I didn't finish my comment last time. I was going to say I would be interested in the 2 colour quilt. The red one looks a scary for a beginner like me but the blue blocks aren't so scary.

Carey - Blueberrylane Designs

I should be doing this challenge...I have a pink/white collection, a red/white collection and a pale blue/white collection ..... BUT I would need more fabric to add to them !

Mary Wood

Blue and white Are my favourite colours togetherI cant quilt with you just now still doing my secret project but when I finish I will back track and have a try at it Have to learn some how.
Hugs Mary.


Thank you Lisa for you blog on Katy. Every bit helps and there is still time to possibly win that quilt. Drawing is Friday the 9th. I am going to have to pass on the 2 oolor quilt right now....since I can't see I am getting further and further behind. But I will keep up with your progress! I love the blue log cabins, and the red is right up my alley!


I really like the large centers on the log cabin blocks.
I like 2 color quilts too as long as I can use a large variety of fabrics.


Oh those quilt squares are just plain yummy.

Hugs - Karen

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