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May 16, 2008


Lisa D.

Oy - bindings are my least favorite part. Good luck - now get to work!!!!!!!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I don't mind sewing the binding on the quilt, I just hate making the binding. Good luck. If I were close enough, I'd help.

Rhonda/Doxies on My Quilts

Wow! you have your work cut out for you! Good luck! Wonderful quilts!


need help? I LOVE BINDING. best part. sit and watch tv and bind away. so relaxing.


Don't you just wish there was a binding fairy that would get that all taken care of? I don't mind doing binding if I know I can't do anything last week when I was taking care of hubby...I got 2 bindings done that really needed to be done, but I had to be with him...when there are other things that I can be doing, binding is the last thing I pick.


What could be prettier than a pile of quilts. They may not be bound yet, but they are a feast for the eyes.


I'm a mom, so I'll tell you...Get those bindings on those quilts! But only if you want to, of course...I'm not a mean mom! :o) Can't wait to see them finished...


I love bindings and find myself binding a quilt as soon as it's quilted. Good luck!


I have a few quilts myself that need binding, I hate that the worst of all quilting projects. I love that quilt there in the pile with the black checks. Is Folklorique the name of the pattern or the fabrics you used? I'd love to make a quilt like that.


You're not alone! I have 4 quilts in varying sizes on the chair in the guest room without their bindings stitched. And then, to top it all off, I have a Christmas quilt on the red chair in the kitchen with the binding half stitched. Do you feel better now??? And next week all the new Moda's from market will start showing up. We are doomed!!!


Good Luck on the bindings. I have more than a few waiting for it. I really hate doing bindings.

Nancy Stevens

I actually enjoy binding, so this is seldom a problem for me.

Wondering if you finished Meadowbrook Farm -- remember that from about a year ago? I dug mine out recently as told here:

and it could actually be finished pretty darned soon!

n, np

Cindy D

Nicole, I don't know what it is but I don't enjoy putting bindings on it at all. I think about 9 quilts to put bindings on. Let me know how you get motiviated to do that.


With all that company you have coming, surely they will help with binding the quilts!!! Your place settings are beautiful and I your decorative touches are just charming. Your company should feel so special to be in your beautiful home.

mary burns

Hi Nicole, you have just been tagged. Go to my blog for rules, have fun!

Hugs, Mary

Lynne in Hawaii

Yep! sewing down the bindings takes me the longest. It is good for in front of the TV but difficult to sit still long enough to accomplish much. Plus, I have the attention span of a knat...hard to focus on the bindings.

Karen Lee

Indeed. They could be used by someone that wants to snuggle.

Snuggl-aluffagus Love, *karendianne.



I picked up 3 quilts today from the machine quilters and that makes 6 I have to bind-yikes. I don't mind the hand sewing as much as making and sewing the binding to the quilt. My big problem- I'd just rather start something new. That's way more fun.


Wanna add all mine to your couch too? LOL!!!! It's crazy isn't it? We make them so fast we never get the bindings on. I just move onto the next one.

Miss Jean

Nicole: I can send you my address and you can send one of them to me and I will be glad to bind it for you. Aren't I helpful? Of course, I wouldn't guarantee that you would get it back!!! They are beautiful!

Anne K.

What a gorgeous array of quilts...from the quiet and subtle to the joyfully colorful. Gorgeous!

Just discovered your blog and am enjoying it so much. Have added to my blogroll. Thanks for all the inspiration and see you soon!


I actually enjoy sewing on the bindings, especially if I am gifting that me a little snuggle time with it before it goes to it's new home!


Love your you still sell any of them or was that on another blog?
I love the blended neutral's quilt you just finished? Just wonderful.
My closets are full of hand quilted quilts from the 80's 90's with bright bold colors and I am not using any of them as I am now decorating in neutrals. Love your blog.

Mary Wood

Nicole good luck with your bindings just sit down in front of the tv for an hour each night with OZZIE at your feet and do some stitching it will soon get done.
Hugs Mary.


I like binding - as I stitch I think about that special person it's going to, taking time to say a prayer for them, asking God to bless each and every moment they snuggle under this quilt. I loved your neutrals beautiful!

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