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May 22, 2008



That embroidered quilt is just amazing! I love the center square. I need to do a quilt like this.


OMG I love those two color quilts and your blocks are beautiful!!! I'd love to have that first antique quilt. BEAUTIFUL!!!!


Talk about being in the right place at the right time! Absolutly amazing. I really love the blue and white nine patch. I've seen several and while simple they really are striking.


That redwork is amazing! How lucky for you to be there and be able to see them.

Judy H.

Absolutely gorgeous quilts! With a date of 1929, I'm gonna guess that after the stock market crash and the Great Depression started, our embroiderer no longer had the resources (money for fabric, or maybe time?) to finish her blocks into a quilt.

Your blocks look beautiful, too. Can't wait to see how they look set into the top.


Amazing and Beautiful! Your quilt is going to be gorgeous and I LOVE those antiques. The blue and white is great. So simple and perfect! I'm inspired.


I really do like your red 2-color quilt and can't wait to see it with the toile setting. Thanks for sharing the "antique" quilt show. Yes, you definitely had the stars on your side when this happened! Nancy in WI


Your Union Square blocks are breath taking (as usual!!)

You really have a great eye for putting things together that look fabulous!

Lynne in Hawaii

Your quilt will be wonderful when it is done! Thanks so much for the pics of the antique quilts. I do not 'collect' but I have my grandfather's (yes-grandpa) quilt. It is a full size penny block, redwork. He embroidered it and quilted it approximately 125 years ago. Family story is he had to do it for physical therapy for 'tuberculosis of the elbow' (tendonitis? He was a farmer.)

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Your Union Square blocks are beautiful. And the antique 2-color quilts are lovely too. I espeically like the redwork.


Your Union Square blocks are looking great. The antique quilts are beautiful too, I like the simplicity of the nine patch one.

Karen Lee

Oh my gosh, I do wonder what was happening in her life that caused her to leave this unfinished. Oh Nicole.

I'm totally taken away...

Mary Wood

Your red and white quilt looks good cant wait to see it finished.WOW all these old quilts I bet if they could talk they would tell some great stories of the past.
Hugs Mary.


They are simply beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing them.
Your Union Square blocks are looking good! I have the same book they come from, think I'll dig it out and follow along.


Wow -- the embroidery is incredible! The blue and white 9-patch is fabulous to look at. Your Union Square blocks are gorgeous -- can't wait to see the top finished.

Vicki W

Those 2-color quilts are beautiful! What great luck to get to see them. Love your Union Square blocks too. You quilt is going to be stunning!


I'm a fanatic for redwork so I would have fallen in love with it for sure! But how lucky you were to get to see these....

Miss Jean

Wow!!!! Thanks for sharing the photos. You were certainly in the right place at the right time.


Oh just gorgeous. The red/white embroidery one is just stunning!


WOW WOW WOW those quilts are stunning and that redwork one is beautiful. So much work in those embroidery blocks and then to tuck it away unfinished. What a find all of those quilts was. Talk about being in the right place at the right time and with your camera. Can't wait to see more

Hugs - Karen

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