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May 18, 2008



too cute! I've seen lots of photos of cats sitting on top of the sewing machine (and have found mine there on occasion) but never a dog...


Oh, poor Ozzie! Have you been neglected? You don't look like it. ~Adrienne~


That look's a lot like his expression when he was sorry for chewing your iron. Maybe he is just a rascal, but I'll bet you can't resist giving in and playing. I don't have a dog, but if I did, I would want one like Ozzie.

Vicki W

....and if you don't stop and play with me soon I will be forced to chew up another pair of your beautiful shoes...or the new iron.


I think Ozzie could be in the next Bernina ad...we'll look for him in the magazines.


Ozzie's teaching the cats here tricks! I'm not letting them look at this post any longer! :-) Adorable shots -- and I agree, Ozzie should be in a Bernina ad!


OMG Ozzie is hysterical!!!!!!!!! He cracks me and hunka up. I have to show him Ozzie's antics everytime you post them. ROFLOL!!!


How can you resist that face? He is sooooo cute, you can forgive him anything.


Poor Ozzie. I've got a furry little girl here named Lexie that would love to play games with you. Her mommy has been neglecting her a bit, too, but instead of sewing she's been cleaning to put the house on the market. Lexie has an octopus that is a favorite of hers, but she's not picky. Better hold on to that alligator or it just may find itself a new home. *giggle* :o)

Jan Andrews

I tell ya, he's just too danged cute. How CAN you ignore him???????

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Tell her, Ozzie.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Tell her, Ozzie.

Dandelion Quilts

Ozzie is so cute. How can you resist this face?

Cindy D

OMG, that Ozzie is too cute. How in the world did he get up there the sewing machine. Yes, he should be in a Bernina ad.


Oh!! he looks so innocent. But we know better. HE IS SO CUTE!!!

Stacy A

I can't believe Ozzie got up on that machine. That is truly acrobatic. You should check into circus jobs for him, to keep him entertained.
If I lived near you I would trade binding your quilts for a few afternoons of your quilt knowledge and day with you and your quilt girls. You look like you all have so much fun. And those quilts are gorgeous! Love Stacy


You need to watch out...he is SO darn cute I might just need to come and take that poor neglected creature home with me!!

Miss Jean

Oh, my goodness, I love that dog! I swear he's a little short man in a dog suit! Look at the expressions. You need to get him an agent and take him to Hollywood. He could be the next big dog star. Then he could make money to buy his own irons!

Mary Wood

Tell her Ozzie you want more cuddles or it wont be the shoes it will be the machine next time.LOL.
Hugs Mary.

Francisca R.

Oooohhh....Bernina should see THIS! It SELLS!!!
When our Rhodesian was a little girl she would jump on the iron board an sit there when she thougt it was ENOUGH!
Good boy Ozzie!Get her to make a walk and play!

Lisa D.

Oh yes, I'm sure you're neglected Ozzie. I've seen first hand what a spoiled Prince you are, you can't fool me! Cute pictures!


That is adorable! I'm lucky my two pups can't get up on the table to the sewing machine. I'd have no thread left anywhere! They have managed to pull a spool off when I had it sitting o n the floor with the case on.


(Psssst! Ozzie, go get her iron (again) and then she'll have to play with you!)
Too, too cute!!!

Judy H.

Ozzie, I agree with you! My mommy spends too much time with her machine, and with those sticks and string in her hands (I think she calls it knitting), and that makes it so hard to sit in her lap! I keep bringing her my Ball, but she won't throw it. How can she resist? It's a Ball!!!!!!! If you come up with a plan for distracting her, please let me know? As long as it's not chewing through the iron cord, that is. I'm afraid of cords. They bite.

Your friend, Pippin


I've just discovered your blog today. It's wonderful. I wish I'd been around in time to join in the two color quilt challenge, i'd LOVE to make that quilt (for me! no one else, un huh, ME). I hope I can get in on your next challenge. ~Lee

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