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May 20, 2008



You have been a domestic dynamo it seems. The seat cushions look great, as do your 2 color blocks, but I really love the colors in your applique quilt. The colors really show up in the pieced blocks, and I'm sure that the finished product will be eye-popping.

Lisa D.

What's this UGH when referring to triangles? I LOVE TRIANGLES! lol Your projects are always amazing, Nicole. I don't know how you get so much accomplished. Ok, I've got it, you don't sleep, do you?


that picture of Ozzie just made me laugh out loud. He has such expressions-What a dog! The buttercream & fig blocks are stunning. You needn't respond-it sounds like the last thing you need is more time spent e-mailing and ignoring that handsome boy.

Jane Weston

I haven't forgotten about the 2 colour challenge....I have the fabric, it's just buried and by Thursday I hope to have a picture of my choices on my blog.


Red and white is coming along nice. Love the applique and star blocks. Have a good visit with your dad.


Ohhhh! I love the colors, fabrics and blocks you used for your applique quilt! What a happy quilt that will make! :o)

P.S. I'm a machine appliquer as well, and if I put away my project for awhile, I write all the machine settings, threads used, etc. along with the blocks. It helps get me up to speed faster when I dig it out to work on it (whenever that may be. LOL!).

Karen Lee

Nicole, you're amazing. The cover over the kitchen chair - I love it. Definitely does match the new dishes, too. Fantastic.

I'm just head over heels with everything you're doing. Good thing I dont have a stump or I'd be injuring my self on the "heel" part! hee.

See you soon...


They look great. You are making my slothe on the two colour challenge embaressing. LOL.
I love the toile on the kitchen chairs.


Your toile chair seats are just as wonderful as those dishes! I was thinking about making a shower curtain out of black and white toile, might have to do it now. I love your applique and you are right about forgetting how to do it on the machine, only it doesn't take me a year in between, just a few weeks! Cherish your visit with your father as I wish I could mine. I think about him every day. Nancy in WI

Dandelion Quilts

Boy, I like those blocks!


I *love* the buttercream and figs blocks. I know what you mean about the triangles. Ugh!


Your red and white blocks look so beautiful, Nicole. This will be a wonderful quilt!

My DD and I got a kick out of the picture of Ozzie standing atop your sewing machine. Yes, I think he was trying to tell you something! lol!

Rhonda/Doxies on My Quilts

Your two colors blocks are looking great! I need to decide what fabrics to use for my 2 colors challenge, so I can start on this project also.
I love the colors of your applique blocks too!
Ozzie is too cute standing over your machine! lol I think he needs two little doxies as playmates to keep him busy, eh? Want me to send them over? LOL

Mary Wood

Nicole I dont know where you get all the energy to do all the things you do.I love the chair looks lovely you are so clever Theirs no stoping you is their always a new project every week.

Hugs Mary.


I agree - triangles - UGH! I love the buttercream and fig fabric and blocks. Beautiful!

Mary Cunningsworth

A wonderful blog - just to say the flying geese method using one square plus four you describe was invented by UK quilter Pauline Adams building on the quick piecing methods of Ernest Haight and Barbara Johannes?.


Wow, those buttercream and fig blocks are gorgeous! What pattern are you using for it?
I have been making a little progress on my 2-color quilt. I need to post some update pictures.
Have fun with you Dad! I am very blessed, I get to see my Pappy everyday, he and my Mom live right next door.


Gorgeous work! I can't wait to see your patio chair redo. I'm getting ready to do the same. What kind of fabric do you use? I'm debating because I have to consider the rain we get throughout the summer. ~Adrienne~

Miss Jean

Did you put the iron away before you left? LOL!

The quilt blocks are beautiful. I especially like the applique pattern. Where is that from? Right now I'm working on a small quilt for my grandson's class to give to their teacher. Small, simple, easy. So why does it look like my sewing room threw up! Geez.....

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I love those buttercream quilt blocks. The colors are delicious.
Got company coming so you recover your chairs. That's so you, Nicole. I love those toile seat covers.


I'm jealous again!! Your 2 colour quilt is going to be stunning, mine's cut out but that's all.

The Buttercream & Figs is beautiful, you must finish it, I want to see it, NOW!!!


Oh now you tell me... I have a machine applique santa that I took a classon in 200? before kids... I think it was around 2001? I do want to finish it but I am affraid I will have to take another class! ;)

oh, and I LOVE how those blocks are set with the triangles!!! What an eye catcher! Love those colros together!

Nice Blog - I'll bookmark you. Love from Texas! ~bonnie


I love those new toile seats! How beautiful!

I wanted to let you know that I created a tag for your Two-Color Challenge- it's in the sidebar on my blog. I wanted an easy way to link to your post about the challenge... feel free to use it if you like!


Could you tell me what the pattern is for the buttercream and fig quilt? I bought the fabric and was waiting for the perfect pattern.

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