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May 06, 2008


Vicki W

Nope, he's not sorry at all! He thinks it's all your fault.

Judy L.

That's not good! It's a good thing for him that you love him, huh?

Lisa D.

Maybe Ozzie is afraid you will get burned and is trying to protect you from the Evil Hot Thing?

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Sorry 'bout what, mom? --Ozzie

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Sorry 'bout what, mom? --Ozzie


I'm still looking for signs of two little red horns growing out of his head (wink, wink). He's so cute!


Enough is enough, you've just got to get serious with him! Send him to his room and no TV, LOL.


Enough is enough, you've just got to get serious with him! Send him to his room and no TV, LOL.


Enough is enough, you've just got to get serious with him! Send him to his room and no TV, LOL.


Look at that face - so sweet and innocent. Are you absolutely positive that a neighbor's cat isn't sneaking in to do this damage and laying the blame at Ozzy's paws? *s*


Naughty Boy! It's a good thing that he is so cute!!!

Chris@Cats on my Quilts

Luckily my two cats only eat the occasional scrap of paper. And despite Libby's comment a cat would never, ever do something as naughty as this!

Miss Jean

Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie, what are we going to do with you?! Dont' feel bad. I keep telling hubby to keep his office door shut as we're housebreaking a puppy. Does he? No! He's in for a big surprise one day! In the meantime I have to re-wire my wall lamp as the chord has been chewed up. Just that one. The one I use all the time. No other cord.......AARRGGHH!


Have you considered a cordless iron? *s*


Oh no, maybe you should start watching Super Nanny to get some disciplining tricks that would work on Ozzie. Glad he is alright though, what a face.


That Ozzie is just too much! I had fun reading the comments, some good ideas there. Nancy in WI


Well, I dont understand why he hasnt had it fall on himself. Hes chewed it at the end of the wire next to the iron. Wouldnt he have to pull the iron off the board to chew it there? Silly dog.


Oh my gosh, that bad boy! He sure has a thing for iron cords doesn't he? My husband's cat has a thing for cords too, she has not chewed through any yet, but she does chew any she can get her filthy little paws on. I just don't get it.


Man he went right for the jugular on that one!

Karen Lee

Oh for shame, for shame, for shame.

Makes me look at my iron in a whole new way.

Neutered Heating Object Love, *karendianne.

Jan Andrews

Nope, not a shred (pun intended) of remorse in those eyes....I'm always amazed how terriers can look so demonic at times, yet be so sweet (mostly). LOL.


How could you not adore that sweet pooch. Sorry about another iron - I no longer invest in expensive irons - the cheaper ones work fine and when they poop out I no longer feel bad about it. So I guess I would keep buying the cheap ones or you could ask which ones Ozzie prefers, LOL.

Hugs - Karen

Mary Wood

Nope not his fault this time naughty mummy forgot to close the door so it was time to have fum and thats just what he did. lol.
Hugs Mary.


How could you not adore that sweet, cute little dog. I really think you need to install security cameras -- poor little Ozzie is probably sleep walking. Or maybe it's the cat. Do you have a cat? I meant the neighbor's cat.


Ozzie looks like a stuffed animal I'm telling you. If he doesn't quit with the iron cords he just might be stuffed huh? LOL!!!

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