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May 28, 2008


Lisa D.

I love your Posh Baskets!!! The sashing is perfect and makes the baskets really shine. I love the idea for the border, too. And your brown paisley border is just the prettiest fabric ever! *Ahem* - I wouldn't be one of those "fussy" friends, now would I? ROFLOL!


I really like this quilt! You seem to be getting a lot done. I think I have to have some of that brown, swirly fabric. Nancy in WI


Very pretty!

My favorite white fabric is Kona White and Kona Snow and I buy both by the bolt.


These are gorgeous! I love your border choices. I think the brown swirly fabric will be great for your setting triangles.
I remember a several posts back you were saying that you had to many projects going and not getting anything done, well that is no the case any more. You are on a sewing frenzy of late. You GO Girl!!!


Cute, adorable quilt and I love that border fabric.


Woooow!! That is one spectacular quilt! The colors are so soothing and cheerful.


ah fudging. this is the very reason i hate sewing things on point, because no matter how hard you try, you will have to fudge something. ;)

this is stunning by the way and i cannot wait to see the finished project. send it to me and i'll bind it for you... ;) that way i can play with it too!


Absolutely beautiful! Love the fabrics but I especially love your setting.


Can you share what pattern you are using for "Posh Baskets"? Nancy in WI




Love your baskets. I will be gorgeous finished quilt.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

This one's going to be gorgeous. Oh, and I'm all for fudging. Every quilt I have ever made has liberal amounts of fudge worked into it.


Congratulations on the progress you're making! I have been stalled of late.

What a beautiful quilt this is going to be!!


YUM! How sweet of you to make me this wonderful quilt...LOL..... You do such beautiful work Nicole!


That is one gorgeous quilt. I would love to be able to sit and 'study' every piece of fabric you have put into this incredible work of art. Thanks for sharing it with us. Hope we get to see it when it's finished. You're on a roll and making tracks to being caught up with your UFO's. ~Adrienne~


Wow! I've never loved baskets like I love your Posh baskets! And I, too, love Kona Snow. I'll have to check out my mom's Beverly's when I visit this summer - maybe I can score like you did.


LOVE LOVE LOVE this quilt! I can't wait to see the finished product!


This is a really beautiful quilt. Congratulations on nearing the finish line!


Beautiful--the colors work so well with the basket pattern you used. Kona snow is the best!


Love how this is turning out. I don't know why that bottom triangle gets wonky, but I definately have the same problem.


That's gorgeous. I loved the colours but hadn't been particularly keen on the fabric in this range until now. Your quilt has changed that. :)


I'm glad you got the pattern to work out. It's a awesome quilt with the baskets....Love it.

Carey - Blueberrylane Designs

Oh that Posh fabric is so yummy... love the baskets and yes that border is perfect.


I LOVE your Posh Baskets - it's such a bright happy quilt with all of those beautiful colors. It's going to be a stunner :)

Hugs - Karen


Wow Nicole -- those baskets are beautiful. That quilt is going to be stunning!

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