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May 27, 2008


Anne K.

What a fabulous quilt! I love the unusual look of the rectangular blocks - gives it a contemporary flair, but rooted in tradition. Thanks for sharing!


Very nice! Reminds me of the one I just finished with Fresh Squeezed.

Karen Lee

Yeah, I'm sorry you had to mention that dern C holiday, too. I'm going to start in on my RANT now that you lifted the lid off!


However, I haven't finished my coffee, I absolutely adore you and I feel my RANT would ruin the lovely quilt you've shared with us today.

NO FLAMING TODAY. ;) Silly Karen Under Control with Love, *karendianne.


Pretty quilt ! I just completed the same one using a Deb Strain DayDreams Jelly Roll. I'm still a novice quilter so it took me a "little" longer than you! I think using two jelly rolls would work much better - great idea! Love the jelly rolls tho - it was a fun project. (If you want to see a pic of my quilt, check out the May 1 post on my blog)




I love that quilt. Thanks for showing it.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Beautiful quilt, Nicole. But even with a jelly roll, I don't know if I could make it as quickly as you did.


Great quilt! Now that's a productive week-end! The colors you chose are really pretty.


This is really beautiful, thanks for sharing it!


Oh, I have that book, but haven't even browsed it properly. You are right, that's a wonderful quilt for a gift....but for me, to be sewn in twelve or more hours perhaps ;-)Beautiful quilt!!!!


Love your quilt. Reminds me of Darlene's. She used the Fresh Squeezed fabs.


And I just ordered that book and a couple of jelly rolls over the weekend to give it a try. Now I can't wait to get it! I'm a novice quilter; I just started about 7 weeks ago. I've never sewn with a sewing machine or quilted before. I bumped into your blog and I find it very entertaining and full of information. I read it every day. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jane Weston

What a great quilt and so quick to put together. I could see this working with scrappy strips too... :o)

Jane Weston

What a great quilt and so quick to put together. I could see this working with scrappy strips too... :o)


Love this. I'm going to have to bookmark this so I can remember how to get the pattern. I've never used a jelly roll, but it sounds like just the thing for someone who doesn't much like cutting!


So nice! I am into simple designs nowadays. I hadn't heard of the book, thanks for sharing!


LOVE it. Now I have incentive to buy jelly rolls!


Oh never to early to start thinking about holiday gift giving . . . and sometimes the simplest patterns have the greatest impact. This pattern is a good one to stash away for just that purpose *s*


Beautiful quilt - I have the jelly rolls - guess I had better order the book now....


Miss Jean

Love the quilt!!!! What a great idea for a gift. I'm sure it would take me longer. I am soooooooooo slow at quilting. I'm good -but slow. I have to check to see if I have that book. Have you ever done that? Bought a book or pattern and you already have it?


I agree about Jellyroll patterns tendong to be simplistic, which is great some of the time, not so much other times.
I was thinking about the C word earlier too. Never too early, especially with the Christmas fabrics coming out now.

Mary Wood

I love your Quilt I dont know how you do them so quick and what a nice gift for the grandparents you amaize me.
Hugs Mary.


Nice comfy looking quilt. I love your pictures on your blog, thanks for sharing. Can I come and stay at your house???


Love that quilt. I made something similar as a wedding quilt for my son - the pattern was out of a Australian magazine and I didn't use jelly rolls which would have made it soooo much easier. Very cute and I am a fan of Kansas Trouble fabric :)

Hugs - Karen

Dandelion Quilts

You've been busy! I have this book, too. This turned out very nicely. I like the baskets in the next post, too. You crazy quilter, you! I need some of that energy.

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