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May 29, 2008


Karen Lee

Abdundant though the blocks may be, your work is exceptional as ever and I know there's some absolutely DAZZLING quilts hanging out here.

Nothing personal but I'm dern glad that old crow The Rigid Quilter is at your house. Between her and Ozzie we're cookin' with gas now!!!

By the way, those log cabin blocks -- what neat fabric. Excited to see that one.


Oh dear you have LOTS of projects in the works. I absolutely love your block stacks and could enjoy looking at them all day. My personal favorite is the Buggy Barn with the neapolitan colors. I did a "crazy" quilt using that fabric and the pattern was a Buggy Barn too!


Some really pretty started/stopped items there! Put them together and get those gorgeous quilts out of the project boxes! Speaking of project boxes, after reading your blog, I think I need to guy buy stock in the plastic project box company. LOL!

Nancy Stevens

Oh, girlfriend, gorgeous stuff! Congratulations on the progress with Meadowbrook Farm! I'm ready to put the border on mine but need a stripey CW and don't have one. As soon as DH is well enough, I plan to haul him out to the LQS to help me pick out just the right one.

Now, about that Madeira. What pattern were you using to do those nifty blocks? I feel an indulgence coming on . . . . .

n, np


So many wonderful possibilities to choose from that I can understand your quandary as to what to finish first.


Well, it doesn't really seem like that many to me . . . How wonderful that you have someone there to "encourage" you to get things finished. That's what I need.

Looking forward to seeing them finished!

Mara Stahl

I've been itching to start sort of a meme, calling it Finished by Friday, where people post SOMETHING that they have completed in the past week. Doesn't have to be anything ambitious. Just something that is FINISHED. I have so many UFOs around here that just seeing progress on one thing would encourage me.

So, you wanna start? :o)


I actually have an almost identical UFO using the Christmas guys in a log cabin set up. Mine only lacks borders also. But not as ambitious as yours! That makes me feel really guilty. I am definitely going to finish some UFOs! I think I can, I think I can.

Lisa D.

All those blocks are just beautiful!!! Thanks to your public "outing" yourself, you have no excuses not to finish something by Friday. Ozzie is ready and willing to help. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Tell that Rigid Quilter to hush - you seem to be doing just fine without her...

Chris@Cats on my Quilts

I don't even dare put out all my UFO's. They'd have to put me in a hospital from the shock of it all. But I am going to have to face it soon as I am going to re-do my sewing room which means everything has to come out for the remodel. Yikes!


You have some absolutely stunning blocks that are going to make fantastic quilts!

My UFO list is way too long -- but I'm getting close to finishing one top. I wouldn't dare post photos of them all!


Oh the Rigid Quilter needs to come to my house in Florida and get me on task...OMG started projects everywhere! Love all your're going to have wonderful quilts. Look at that Ozzie...he so wants to help his Mom!


It looks to me like a quilt bank or insurance, not unfinished projects. At a moment's notice, you are ready to finish up an absolutely stunning quilt for any occasion. I can't wait to see the finished projects as they are done.


can she come to my home and do the same for me? she would probably yell at me to quilt/have quilted the 20 tops i have nicely folded on the shelf.

oh the shame.


Looks like the Oz-man will figure it all out and get back to you-much later. I have at least as many UFOs in the Closet of Shame except yours are really pretty-mine, I'm bored with. I figure they may just need to age a little more. May I just say that the Posh Baskets are the most beautiful things I've seen in a while. Absolute perfection. WOW!


As I read your post today I thought of all my unfinished quilts and wished for two days and Ozzie's help to get them closer to completion. Can't wait to see each of them finished. You are an inspiration. If life would slow down a bit maybe I could get something finished! Good thought, probably won't happen. ~Adrienne~


Oh my - you have some wonderful projects there, each and every one. They'll get done . . . all in good time *s*


Don't look at all the lovely projects, just pick on and finish it, that always makes me feel better.

Sharon Minear

Not a blogger, but I love to read them, and love yours! I can totally relate to your problem (is it a problem?) but I purposely am leaving some projects just one or two steps away from being done, as I currently have about 25 tops waiting to be quilted, and don't want to add to the pile. I'm trying to get the ones from 2004 and 2005 done - this year. Don't want any more "2008" tops waiting in the wings. I think I probably need therapy!


I could probably match your gallery of shame - and then some! Your work is beautiful, so the shame of it is you are denying yourself some absolutely gorgeous quilts.

I too suffer from "I have to have that fabric and cut into it immediatley" syndrome. I also suffer from "I have to have that fabric and save it for something special" syndrome. Actually, I just suffer from "I have to have that fabric" - no particular style, just whatever the hormones/mood meter dictate at the time, though I do own a lot of the fabrics you do. LOL


This post was so funny. You know we're all in the same boat with you don't you? My theory is finish one, start 2 and I have already given my kids permission to give away the started projects when I'm gone.


I love visiting to see what gorgeous Ozzie is up to, let alone what you are doing! Wow, looks like you have the next few days sorted. I keep having flashbacks to your post about the fate of the orange designer shoes - lol. Wondering if those very ordered & perfectly neat stacks of blocks in your last photo are in mortal danger? Surely not! He is such a well behaved little doggie these days? Have fun little Ozzie!

Miss Jean

Those are some amazingly beautiful blocks you have there. I can't wait to see the finished products.

That Ozzie! He's getting cuter every day and seems to be staying out of trouble!!!

Dandelion Quilts

Girlie, we all have stashes and stashes of fabric. So, you are really ahead of us because at least your projects are started! I would say you are not a fan of putting the blocks together, but you must enjoy piecing more. Never fear, Ozzie is here. He is so cute.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Well, at least they're all beautiful. Good luck.

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