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June 06, 2008



LOVE it. Stunning. Are you still going to add the little triangle to the binding?
It's going to live at my house someday, right? ^_^
I am defrosting marrow bones in the fridge and will bring them down tonight for a special "quiet activity" treat for ozzie and Remikins.

three cheers for shrimp.


Nicole . . . it's beautiful . . . I love it ! ! . . . what a wonderful job . . .


I just love the colors on this quilt. The way you have combined them is just beautiful. This one's a winner Nicole.


Another gorgeous creation! And I'm so glad you and Ozzie have made peace. Yes, you need time together for the fun and then he can deal with the off-limits areas you must set for his good. And your peace. ~Adrienne~

Maria in Iowa

Beautiful quilt - spectacular, in fact! And I'm glad you are back in Ozzie's good graces. Or whichever way 'round it is.

My Finish is a quilt I don't even like, but it's going to be put to good use, so it was worth finishing.


I agree with everything you said about Ozzie. Closed doors and peaceful times! He looks absolutely adorable and very much at home on the design bed.
The quilt is absolutely gorgeous, Nicole! You did a beautiful job on it. I have to purchase some Posh fabric now!


That looks great!

Vicki W

That's a beautiful quilt! Ozzie sure knows how to manage you! LOL! Hard not to love that face though.


Absolutely beautiful. The colors are wonderful.


That is an absolutely gorgeous quilt! I have loved watching this come together as those fabrics are fantastic! You did a super job!
I'm glad you and Ozzie are friends again. You're right -- they don't understand so we have to understand them!


That turned out beautifully. Well done.
You can be very proud of two "Friday Finishes" in a row.


What an object of beauty and joy! (And your quilt's not bad, either!!) LOL! Isn't it wonderful to have things we love in our lives? Your quilt really is gorgeous!!

Lisa D.

Your Posh Baskets is just stunning, Nicole. Beautiful! I think you need to make a little snuggle quilt for Ozzie out of the leftovers as a great memory of this!


This is stunning! And I can't believe how fast you got it all together after the rawhide fiasco! You are on a roll with two big finishes in a row! Can't wait to see what else the summer will bring for you!


Nicole it is just beautiful...and Ozzie sure looks like he's very proud of his good behavior today. What a great finish...and a sweet Ozzie.


I LOVE this quilt- it is fabulous. Way to go!


How amazing, such a beautiful quilt!!!

Ronda Beyer

Bravo to both you and Ozzie, the quilt is gorgeous, no wonder Ozzie wanted to cuddle it even before it was done.... And yes those eyes do melt the heart... Hugs to you both...

Beth Dasecke

oh Nicole your quilt is just beautiful

how much posh fabric did it take to make it ??

hugs Beth


That is a gorgeous quilt and what an outstanding finish to the week! Keep giving us Ozzie pictures too! Nancy in WI


Wow - that's a great finish. Nice to know that you and Ozzie have made up *s*

Mary Wood

Nicole its Georgeous I love it .It looks like a lot of work.
Hugs Mary.

Karen Lee

You have the singularly quintessential gift of blending classical/traditional with contemporary.

Good perspective with Ozzie.

Sits and Downs and Stays Daily 4/day 3 min each B.I.D.

PRN Love, *karendianne.


All is quiet and "pieceful" in the Land of Ozzie. Whew!

Stunning baskets, Nicole. You know my weakness for baskets.

Cindy D

Nicole your quilt turned out beautiful. I wasn't a big fan of Posh in the beginning but I truly have fallen in love with it. Great job.

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