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June 13, 2008



Another stunning creation! I love it.

Happy Birthday!



I like this quilt SO much, Nicole, and am so proud of your finish! The fabrics you selected are just wonderful.


n, np


My sister has this book and I never thought to do the log cabin until I saw yours! It really is lovely.

Dandelion Quilts

Hey, hey! A 10 year old UFO??? You should be very proud of yourself!!! I love log cabin blocks.


Nicole . . . it's beautiful . . . you are so inspiring . . .

I'm coming out to Calif on Monday . . . been so busy getting my English paper pieces ready for the trip that I have not be near my sewing machine . . . I sure miss it though . . .

thanks for sharing your wonderful work . . .

gloria g.

You really amaze me with all you get finished. That is beautiful!


It looks really great! And how wonderful that you finished a UFO from ten years ago!


it is gorgeous. and it is hard to know sometimes and keep the big picture in mind. but you have to know about the end project in order to pick the fabrics sometimes. it is quite stunning.


Wow, a third Friday finish in a row - way to go!

This has always been a favorite - very timeless! Very pretty!

Maria in Iowa

I just gasped when I saw it.

You didn't take a "before" picture, did you? By any chance?

Congrats on not one, but two Friday Finishes in one week!


Great quilt. Log cabin is probably one of my favorite patterns. I always love the colors you pick for your quilts. Now for the $64,000 question....What are you going to do with all those scraps?



Susan Ramey Cleveland

Beautiful quilt, Nicole. I'm so sorry your visit to see Mickey and the gang got cancelled. I hope you make it soon. Here's wishing you a very special birthday and many happy returns.


(Sound of applause!!!) It's lovely, Nicole.


I love this log cabin top. Very very pretty!
Your fabric choices are super.
This post reminded me I have that book. Must get it out and go through it again.
I just gave you a blog award on my blog.

Lisa D.

Very pretty! How wonderful to ressurrect such an old UFO! Usually my tastes have changed so much in that amount of time, I don't want to finish it any more.

And one more thing - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Missy!


Happy Birthday, Nicole! I gasped when I saw your Farmer's Daughter quilt -- *love* it!


(Gasp!!!) I love it. Wow, to finishing a 10 year old UFO. Sending Happy Birthday Wishes your way.
Dibs on the orphan scraps.


I always wanted to make that log cabin quilt but never got it started. Yours looks great! Nancy in WI


Happy Birthday. Another beautiful quilt. I haven't been in the sewing room this week except to iron a pair of pants. Looking forward to some weekend sewing.

Kim West

another great finish... wow...


What! No picture of Ozzie this time? *s* I always look forward to seeing him, so he should be featured somewhere in each post. IMNSHO The log cabin is beautiful! I really like that setting and understand what you mean about the fabrics. Happy Birthday and Congrats on another UFO crossed off of your list.

Karen Lee

You know I love this and I love the colors and I love the fact that you knocked it out in one day're amazing!

How you figure this stuff out with fabric is just dazzling to me!


Looks to me like you got it just right - great quilt!

Peg from Australia

Stunning quilt...

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