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June 20, 2008



You are the most prolific quilter! This quilt is beautiful. I might have to invest in that book...and some layer cakes to go with it. Off to visit The fat Quarter Shop!


That is so pretty -- and so different than the one in the book. I love the border fabric!


I love it! Your quilts and vision is so great. Now don't be talking to me about not buying up whole lines fabrics - I'm not nearly as prolific as you, and I just don't think I need to get more fabric! lol Although we all know it's not really about need.


Very, very pretty Nicole...isn't fabric wonderful...the same pattern and a totally different quilt with a different fabric choice. LOVE IT!


I was trying to hold off on this line of fabric too, but, now you have tempted me. I love the border! I have already made a visit to the Fat Quarter shop and the book in on its way. When it gets here I will probably be purchasing the Water's Edge too, or maybe the Maypole layer cake, oh wait, I have been drooling over the Dandelion Girl line too. Oh what the heck, I'll probably end up with all of them! lol


The top quilt looks like a Mint Vanilla Latte! Its very beautiful!


Okay, okay. You twisted the arm of this beginner quilter to give it a shot! I just have to decide if I want to try this with one of the Christmas fabrics I like or something else.


Oh, I forgot to ask... how many layer cakes in that particular pattern are used? If I'm going to put in an order, I want to order everything at once... saves on shipping.


That quilt is beautiful! Now this beginning quilter is gonna get busy and make one. How hard can it be with a layer cake?


You ROCK with your Friday Finishes!!! Another great source for 'older' lines of fabric is eBay. Several times I have found fabrics that I decided I needed there. And not just small pieces, yardage also. Love the quilts you are showing


Love the quilt. Especially the border. I will not buy Water's Edge, I will not buy Water's Edge.

Karen Lee

This quilt is great. I watched you piecing the blocks and almost switched what I was doing. I love them. They seem fun and flexible and great options for fabric display as you mention.

I've noticed over the months how you have a real talent for border fabrics by the way.

I take you with me when I'm shopping. YOU'RE NO HELP!!! Well, you're good at pointing out things but where the heck are you at the register, ha?

Mmmmm Love, *karendianne.


I too love the "At Water's Edge" line . . . & just so you're ready for when it comes out - Blackbird Designs' next line - called "Harvest Home" is very similar (but with a little richer colors)! You can see a little preview of it on the Moda website (but it's down for the weekend). . . or also on the Fat Quarter Shop website under "coming soon'. So pretty!)
I love your layer cake quilt! . . WIsh I could get my projects done as fast as you do! xo, Bren

Jane Weston

Looks fab and it's a great setting. I could see this working for a number of different blocks.


so very very pretty!

Dandelion Quilts

Love it a LATTE!

Miss Jean

Wow! How many hours a day do you quilt? I haven't been able to sew for quite a while, not since I did the quilt for my grandson's teacher. Before that was even longer. I did clean my sewing room, though. Maybe if I just set aside half an hour a day I can get my motor running!


Great quilt Nicole!!!! I love the one in the book too.


Beautiful!!!! as ever.

Mary Wood

I think maybe I could even try that one Since I am only a learner.
Hugs Mary.

Teresa in South Carolina

Oh my goodness - I just read through some of your past posts and those weather related ones made me feel so fortunate to be in SC. We are in the midst of a drought, but not battling tornados and floods and I feel very blessed. Love your quilt, I think the pattern is perfect for your fabrics.


Wow - the quilt looks absolutely gorgeous in that fabric! And the border fabric is just pure inspired.



I have been surfing and found your blog. Wow you do excellent work! I was wondering which package you bought on typepad for your blog, as I love the layout.

Please let me know. Thanks!
Can you recommend some good quilt patterns for beginners?

Karen in Indiana, USA

Peg Coen

Stunning Nicole..


Another beautiful quilt from Nicole! I have been eyeballing that pattern book, too. I'll have to buy it now for sure.....

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