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June 25, 2008



What a nice surprise! That shawl certainly looks like an heirloom and your table is beautiful! There are some wonderful people out in blogland. Nancy in WI


Fabulous tablecloth and GORGEOUS flowers!! Thanks for sharing this story ~ it helps remind us just how much good there really is in the world (despite the wacky drivers and rude sales clerks we encounter on a daily basis).

Lisa D.

What an incredible, generous gift. You are very lucky, indeed.

Rhonda/Doxies on My Quilt

What a beautiful tablecloth! and the shawl looks so soft and sweet perfect for future grandbaby. :o)

Mary is truly a special gal!


Beautiful things! What a wonderful gift.


What a wonderful package to have arrive at your door! The tablecloth is fantastic, as are the flowers in the vase! And the little shawl looks so sweet.


Wow, what an amazing package, so beautiful. Looks like items my grandmother has made for myself - I don't have that kind of patience.

Karen Beigh (Log Cabin Quilter)

Oh, what a delightful package to receive. The tablecloth and baby shawl are both exquisite. Very good workmanship. You have a very good blog friend for sure!




What a beautiful care package *s*

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Such beautiful goodies.

Miss Jean

Bloggers are certainly kind and generous people!

Vicki W

What lovely and thoughtful gifts! Blogging has many bonuses!


I know what you mean about waiting for a grandchild. We didnt really think we were going to have any. But then one day! Our son Matthew (32 years old then) got married to a lovely Nicky and gave us our first grandchild. Evan will be 2 on Sept.6, God has blessed us with another little boy, coming in Nov. They will come! There is hope!

Mary Wood

Hi Nicole.
Im glad you liked your gift you are a very special lady.and a good friend in blogland.
Hugs Mary.


How amazing, Mary's generoisty is really touching!

but you stillgotta wait a while. LOVE YOU!

Teresa that is an amazing surprise. I just love embroidered table cloths and that one is a true treasure.

quiltmom ( Anna)

HI Nicole,
What a beautiful baby shawl and table cloth. Mary must have known how much you would love them and value the fine workmanship. Perhaps to Mary that is the joy of the giving- to know that the person you were giving them to,would appreciate and treasure them. Surprises like this are the best kind. It couldn't happen to a nicer person. Your flowers are beautiful too- the perfect bouquet on that tablecloth.
Regards from a Western Canadian Quilter,


That is the sweetest thing. What treasures for you! Maybe you'll be needing that shawl sooner than you think! One can always hope!


What a very special gift. I really wasn't sure we were ever going to get a grandchild, but I am here to tell you it is so worth the wait. I just had the best 10 days in Birmingham with my little guy...he turned 19 months yesterday...I don't think I've ever had so much fun. It will happen for you and when it does...OMG it's like nothing I can even explain.

Karen Lee

Oh what lovely work! What did DH say when he came home to these blessings?

Nicole, I must say, you are also describing yourself as you share Mary with us. You too are a pure vision and verb in action of the willingness to give help or kindness, especially more than is usual or expected.

I know having been a recipient of your kindheartedness!

Blessed to know you Love, *karendianne.


Mary is truly a gem! What a beautiful, beautiful gift, and what a lovely post dedicated to a dear friend.

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