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June 23, 2008


quiltmom ( Anna)

Hi Nicole
I sew over pins all the time-I get a better product then when I don't. I prefer not to spend time picking out my mistakes and I get lots more when I don't pin ... It is all what you are comfortable with- It looks like there are lots of us out here that feel the same way as you do...
Ozzie is too cute- I can see why you love him so much...


The problem with the seams not meeting and not sewing over pins is the whole reason I bought my Pfaff. It has a differential feed on it and I use it mainly for piecing. I will have to try the u-shaped pins to see how they work. Those stripes would drive me crazy if I tried to do all of those at one time, lol.


Watch her like a hawk, Ozzie! Make her go slow and wear her glasses and she can be just like the rest of us!

April B

I've been quilting for almost 17 years. I ALWAYS sew over my pins! Pin it where you want it to stay! Use thin pins (Love those FORK PINS) and go slow over them. If they get bent, throw them away. Just my two cents!


If needs must...............


I sew over pins all the time! I use super fine swiss pins and they may bend but never had any break


I have found that the U-shaped pins tend to twist the fabric a little when the first "arm" of the pin is near or under the needle. Therefore, I prefer to use two separate pins at each seam.I use fine lace pins and sew over them slowly.


What's the big deal? I learned to sew in the '50s and was taught by my mother a professional seamstress. She sewed over pins and so do I. Neither of us has ever been injured and I'm still using her Pfaff machine that was purchased in the 1940s.


I also sew over pins (once in awhile) very s-l-o-w-l-y. There's just times when you gotta do it, right? Yes ma'am!


Hi, First off I love your blog *smile* Second, about the pins. I took a quilting class from one of the 7 or 8 licensed quilting judges in California who also sews on a Bernina and she instructed us to sew right over those pins. She uses the extra fine quilting pins and slows down as she comes to the pins. So there, you have permission to sew over those pins from an expert! LOL

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