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June 23, 2008


Nancy Stevens

I sometimes sew slowly over pins, too. And while I'm confession, I may as well add that I don't floss every single day.



I sew over pins and know I shouldn't but I'm going to keep doing it anyway! Might change my mind when I ruin my machine but until then, I am going to do it. I do use those extra fine Clover pins and love them but oh, my gosh, are those the sharpest pins I have ever worked with. They do hurt!! Can't wait to see your Friday finish. I always wanted to buy Water's Edge but didn't and still wonder if I should get what I can while the going is still good. Nancy in WI


I always sew over pins - now I just slow down for them. I don't plan to stop any time soon. It's when you run over them as fast as your little machine will go that you knock the timing out, and break needles and pins (keep a tic tac box for those).

I don't think we need a support group, yet. LOL


What pattern are you making that involves black and white squares??

Vicki W

I sew over pins too - that is what sewing machine repair shops are for. I've never had to take a machine in for pin damage though. Just give Ozzie another ones of those slobber bones and a stack of your applique blocks and he will forgive you the crime of sewing over pins. That dog has the best expressions!

Miss Jean

Hello, my name is Miss Jean and I sew over pins! Always have, always will. I still use the finest ones I can find so it's easier than sewing over the large clunky ones. If they get bent, I throw them away. I try to get my machine serviced yearly. There, done.


I'm with you all the way - I like the way my seams nest when I sew over the pins. Can't wait to see what this particular top is going to look like...


I sew over my pins all the time . . . you are smart to take it slow. It's the safest way. Who wouldn't want to sew over pins when you see what nice results come from it *s*


I know it's a bit late, but when I needed black/white like this for sashing, I bought a 1" black/white stripe and cut it into strips. Gives the same effect with much less booooooooooring work. If it doesn't fit exactly, you can always take a small seam here and there to make it work out at the corners. I know - too late now!

Lisa D.

Sorry to say, but I'm of the "sew over pins" contingent, too. I try to be careful about doing it and remove them sometimes before I get there, but what the heck - it's how I learned to sew and it's hard to teach this old dog new tricks!



When I need to sew over pins, I put the pins in pointing towards the seam. A friend was doing this at a retreat, and it was an AHA! moment. I try to keep the point in about 1/4 inch from the edge, but the pins are finer at the pointy end, and seem less threatening to sew over that way.


I sew over pins for the same reason that you do! But, I go over them very slowly too. You just can't get the same effect when you take the pins out. I'm looking forward to seeing this quilt!


Pin guilt is right up there with mom guilt. Your applique quilt looks interesting. If you finish all that work by Friday, you are a real champ.


Just do what you need to do. It's your quilt, and your machine, and your eyes. You know the (very small) risks and are a big girl. I personally hate pinning, but that's more because I'm a klutz and am always stabbing myself than anything else.


You can't go wrong with Ozzie on patrol. LOL!!!!


After my last project with the don't sew over pins addage rolling through my mind, I decided that I WILL be sewing over pins in the future. You just can't get the accuracy the other way. But I am not saying that out loud! Shhh...


I agree with Nancy, NP and am guilty of both myself. Sew on, girl!


You are not alone, Nicole. I am right there with you, pins is the only way to get things to line up good. Just go slowly. No harm, No foul!
This looks like an interesting quilt, can't wait to see it.


I sew over pins as well. I try not to do it at a breakneck speed. Love your stripsets! And Ozzie. He looks so stinken cute.


Hi - I just watched Alex Anderson in her classroom sew over pins on the center of her LeMoyne Star. No guilt there - so don't let Ozzie be too tough on you! Love your blog and your projects! Cheers!


It is your quilt, your sewing machine -- and you obviously know how to do this so that you don't have trouble. The quilt looks SO interesting. Can't wait to see the finish.


I do the very same thing only with 2 pins instead of your wonderful U pins ( I must find some of those)...I sew slowly over because I hate when they shift like that. My lips are sealed...I won't tell Ozzie.


Hi, my name is Carolyn and I am from Australia. I have only just found your blog and think it is terrific. I love all the quilts you make, they are beautiful. So I guess your answer is there, you make beautiful quilts, so why change the way you do things. Sewing is supposed to be a fun, happy process. So pin the way you like to pin and enjoy the process.


Like I said last week, I sew over pins too. There's nothing like seams that stay where they are supposed to be. And it's especially important in high contrast fabrics like black and white or cream. Looks like it will be a spectacular quilt.

Diana Marlow

My name is Diana and I am a... quilter who sews over pins. I think we all do what we must to make the piecing work for us. I also try to slow it down and protect the eyes. Nicole your quilts are great and your ability to get it done is awsome. You could have a great machine that just dosn't get used or sew over a few pins and, have some great quilts!

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