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June 24, 2008



I love both the star quilts and patterns you picked out and can't wait to see them. Wish I didn't have to work!!! Darn!!! Today I just really love that little Ozzie. He is so darn cute! See you Friday! :) Nancy in WI


Your two star quilts are going to be fabulous! Those 3 Sisters lines of fabrics are always so gorgeous!
Ozzie's look is priceless.


Ooooh! Love your fabrics and love the stars! Can't wait to see both quilts in their finished state! Ozzie is too cute with his happiness.


These 2 quilts look as if they are going to be usual!

I wish I could be as productive as you!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Your star blocks are so pretty, Nicole. I enjoyed catching up with what all you've been doing while I was at the beach. Not sure what Ozzie has been doing, though it looks like whatever it was required that his snout be put into action. That's how Sophie looks when she's been sniffing for chipmunks.


Love these star quilts, and like you said you were already working on stars, so what's a few more.


Well, of course these are going to be Nicole-gorgeous quilts. That much is obvious. The thing that fascinates ME, GF, is how you blithely move from "while I was at it . . . I might as well start a new project." This from She Who Vows To Complete Her UFOs. Gotta love it. Gotta love YOU.

n, np

Mary Wood

OH Nicole I dont know where you get all the time to do all these quilts you do you are amazing.the stars are beautifull and ozzie looks cute as usual dirty face and all.
Hugs Mary.

Connie W

Such pretty stars. My 5-year-old grandson loves the photos of Ozzie.


I love Ozzie's "This is who I am - take it or leave it" attitude towards life. Although he can be a pest, I'm sure he doesn't have a bad bone in his body.

Lisa D.

Your star blocks are really coming along. I love the Peace on Earth ones, especially that diagonal stripe. Yummy. How do you get so much done? (Convinced you never sleep...)


Happy Birthday to Ozzie!! I love your star quilts. I may try to find the pattern for Coventry. I really like the border treatment!! I have the perfect fabric for such a quilt too!! Thanks for sharing the info.


OMG, I started the Opening Day quilt last year when you all started have both left me in the dust...I love the new one you've started also...Ozzie is one happy boy!


I love your quilts and your dog. Here is a link back to my Coventry quilt. Love that


I love seeing stars......and Ozzie, of course!

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