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July 20, 2008



I'm so sorry you and Ozzie had to go through all of that ~ thanks for sharing the warnings with all of us. If only one pet is better protected...

Memphis hugs to all!


I am so glad Ozzie is better! Because our two cats are VERY inquisitive, I have all my thread and bobbins in a latched box that they can't possibly open. I mostly hand stitch so it's not unusual for me to have a needle with thread hanging out of it attached to my blouse somewhere as I daren't leave one in a pin cushion. That would attract way too much attention!


It's wonderful to see Ozzie back to his normal self again. These dogs...but what would we ever do without them?


Thank goodness he is back to normal! He doesn't look his happy self, though. Perhaps he is reflecting on his terrifying experience?
(Or waiting for you to drop food)

Ronda Beyer

I am so happy to hear that he is back to his normal wonderful self, even if it means he is into everything.... Terriers are like having a 2 year old around forever... I am sure you are relieved beyond words, doggie proofing our homes and sewing rooms is so tedious, especially since they will find things that we never imagined could get them into trouble or inflict wounds. Hugs to you both


I am so glad that your little friend is alright. How scary for both of you. Thanks for sharing the caution with us all. It is something those of us with pets or small children, should all be aware of.


I am glad to hear that Ozzie is doing better! I will pray for a speedy recovery!

Enjoy your trip to your dad's house!

Dandelion Quilts

Glad Ozzie is feeling better. Enjoy your trip.


WOW I got goosebumps when I saw this. I have a Briard,one day while I was out she chewed the welcome mat. It was the kind of carpet that if you pull one string it just keeps unraveling. I was feeling guilty for leaving and gave her a rawhide chew. Some how all of this turned into the strings wrapping around the chew in her stomach. The vet had to operate and took 5 meters of string out of her intestines! Thank God you caught in time, good you took him for a ride!

Mary Wood

Hi Nicole Glad ozzie is Ok again Have a nice time at your dads.
Hugs Mary.


Glad to see Ozzie looking perkier. I spent most of last week watching a sick cat and wondering if this was going to be his end because he is pretty old. But he seems to have come out of it after $250 worth of ultrasounds and new food!


Hey, glad to see the Oz Man is okay. I have the same rug in front of my kitchen sink. Got mine at Target.


Glad Ozzie's better! What a scare!

Chance waits for things to drop too. So, when I want him to go away, I drop a piece of onion - the only thing he won't eat!

Connie W

I too am happy to read that he's going to be okay. My what a scare you had and poor Ozzie to have to go through that ordeal. Ozzie has captured my heart too, as he has grandson Owen's.


Happy to hear Ozzie is all better. We enjoy hearing about is adventures (or should I say misadventures). I am certainly going to check my sewing room more carefully now - one goofy dog and an inquistive cat could get into a lot of trouble there.


So glad he's better. Every now and then Chesty manages to get hold of a spool of thread and chews on it. I do everything I can to keep it from happening but this dog gets into everything - it's like having a 2 year old who never grows up.


poor Ozzie glad he is better. HUGS!

Lynne in Hawaii

Sure glad your boy is better and waiting for gift treats from the sky!


One of the things I did to avoid strings hanging out of bobbins to entice my Westie was to use Paper hole reinforcement circles to attach the thread to the bobbin. The hole in the center is exactly the same size as the hole in the bobbin. It works great on bobbins and on spools of thread. Because my Westie is too curious to stay away from anything on the floor or within her reach, I have to protect her and my budget! Glad Ossie is better. Love your pictures of him.


I just read about Ozzie--how scary!! Glad to hear it was relatively minor.


So glad that Ozzie is back to his normal frisky self. I can't imagine how scary that had to be. Give him a big hug from Cami and I.

maree  watt

so glad to see Ozzie is doing well, boy what a fright!! He is just a Gorgeous dog, naughty but Nice, lol.

quilts quilts

Love me some ozzie, more more more, Please some more ozzie.


Good to see Ozzie back to his regular self! How nice you cleaned your sewing room, too! It feels good to have your space neat and tidy for a bit, isn't it?

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