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July 10, 2008


gloria g.

Good job. Your quilt is beautiful! And you just keep whipping them out! Keep up the good work.

And what a helper Ozzie is. What a doll!


That quilt is absolutely stunning!


I am so impressed with your progress. The blue and white is beautiful. I love the look of the Blended Quilts book, but have never made one. Someday...


Love the quilt! You did a beautiful job with the gorgeous fabric you fussy cut.

Miss Jean

I hope at the end of the summer you will have a post to show all of your Friday Finishes! You should be proud of yourself. I love the blue!


beautiful quilt. I love the way the blues blend together, great job!
wow 144 entries for your scrap basket...yes I for one understand and it will be a challenge for me to make a quilt from them, but I will! and have fun too!

Beth Dasecke

oh Nicole your quilt is beautiful
and I would still like to be in your draw scraps are fine with me even little tiny ones
hugs Beth

Beth Dasecke

oh Nicole your quilt is beautiful
I would still like to be in your draw please scraps are fine with me even tiny little ones
hugs Beth


Hi Nicole,
the quilt top turned out beautifully, I think it was worth the work you had to invest for fussy cutting! I am already wondering what you'll show us next ;o)...

Hugs, Julia

P.S.: I know you call them scraps, perhaps many quilters do...but as fabric is quite expensive here where I live compared to some US online shops I visited, I always save every bit and piece to use someday for appliqué or a scrap quilt ;o) - don't worry, I think no one will be disappointed!


I loved the quilt you made for your blended quilt challenge a few months ago. I was so inspired I went out and bought a gazillion florals (which are still in a box!) This quilt is beautiful. Blue and white always look so fresh and crisp.


Love the finished product....


Wow, quilt looks lovely.....and I'm so impressed at the rate you are finishing your UFO's. It sure is getting me motivated.


Nicole it is beautiful...lots of great finishes this are amazing. I think it must be all the help that Ozzie is giving you! LOL!


Nicole, I really love this one! I wonder why??? Hmmmm, let's see, could it be because I have that on my to do list from the very same book??? It turned out great regardless of what you had to piece to get to the end result. Now you can relax this weekend after that beautiful finish! Nancy in WI


As always Nicole, a beautiful finish. I continue to love your choice of fabrics. Sure wish I could take you shopping with me. Picking fabrics is the hardest part of quilting for me. Maybe that is why I love scrap quilts so much. You can put anything together and it turns out great.

Mary Wood

Oh Nicole your quilt is Gorgeous its blue and white it looks so fresh I love anything with blue in it I still want to be in the draw any pieces of fabric will do me as I am just getting some material together to start a small ouilt I have never seen this moda you all talk about.
Hugs Mary.


I think the quilt is simply splendid and you did a great job!

Karen Lee

Yeah man, 144 is a lot of folks so I'm thinkin' my odds are slim. Good that something is slim around here. Not that I'm complaining, just saying.
Due to the amount of work you put into this one my friend, I hope you hold onto this quilt as a treasure for that simple fact.

I'm impressed by your ability to stick to it. I'd have given up. And that's the truth.

Honest and Goodness Love, *karendiannne./ Living Life at LeeHaven

Maria in Iowa

*stands and applauds*

I totally couldn't see where you were going with your fussy-cut lattice. It turned out so great with the blocks, echoing the lights and darks!

And as for the scraps, c'mon, it's a GIVEAWAY. What's somebody gonna do, ask for a refund?


Another masterpiece, Nicole. You done good!

As for the scraps, one time an internet group of quilters each filled a shoebox with scraps and names were matched up and scraps were sent. I was DELIGHTED with what I got -- someone else's scraps were much more interesting than what I had at that time!

n, np


I'm not surprised that 144 people have read your blog! (a lot of that has to do with Ozzie, you know!) Standing ovation for the's gorgeous!

Lisa D.

Your blue and white quilt is stunning, as always, another winner!


What a beautiful quilt. I love blues so I'm partial to this one. You did a great job! ~Adrienne~

Vicki W

"fairly pleased"? LOL! It's stunning! I didn't get the fussy cutting sashing the other day but now I do. It's absolutely beautiful!


Gorgeous, fabulous quilt! Blue and white quilts are always fabulous but this one is superb! It really is special!
What you call scraps are huge to someone like me who likes to do small blocks and small projects! I would still like to be included in your draw!

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