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July 04, 2008


Susan Ramey Cleveland

1)"I felt like I rushed this one a bit,"

Do tell! I feel like you rush all of them. You're the second faster quiltmaker I know. BTW, that quilt is gorgeous.

2)"Ozzie plaguing the life out of me,"

I guess we know now why quilters prefer cats (or at least that the myth). BTW, that dog is precious.

Hope y'all have a happy 4th. --Susan


Wowzer another Friday Finish - way to go - it's a real beauty.


That's pretty! How big is it?

Lisa D.

It's SO PRETTY Nicole. I just love how Miss Rosie's patterns go together. Such a huge switch from the Web Sampler. You are fast like ze lightning!


Just beautiful! I'm amazed that you can make so many beautiful quilts! They ALL look great.


That's an absolutely gorgeous finish! Ozzie's antics are too funny! Cats can be just as insistent about attention -- our big golden cat will happily knock things off the sewing table until he gets the attention he wants!


Just beautiful!!!


What a fantastic are amazing.
Ozzie looks so thrilled with his baggie of fabric...too cute! Have a great 4th!


I love Miss Rosie's patterns, too. Your Opening Day is gorgeous. Great finish! Ozzie is his helpful self, as usual. He just makes me smile every time you post his photo!

Jane Weston

LOVE the blue and white blocks and the Friday Finish is Fabulous! :o)

I've finished my 2 colour quilt top this afternoon...just need to baste it now.

Karen Lee

Oh yes indeed I do love Roman Holiday with Opening Day, indeed I do. Especially since I own it unmade. If I made it, used the saved bundle, how funny it would be...

Give Ozzie a kiss for me for being a good boy!

Ummm, excuse me, I hate to stand up and SHOUT but oh dear, dear dear I do so ever remember these blocks and what a great treat that would be for the end of next week. Oh that would indeed make me a happy camper.

No pressure. I mean, I'm just sayin'...

Sarah N

I love the Roman Holiday quilt! Great colors. I would have to be committed after making so many flying geese!

I can't wait to see the blue and white quilt finished.

How do you get so much done with Ozzie around? Must be almost as bad as having a nine year old and a seven year old pestering you!

Have a great 4th!


Absolutely beautiful!!!!! I have this pattern, but haven't made it up yet. In fact I have several of her patterns and a book. I really need to get busy. I can't believe how much you are getting done. A new one every Friday is amazing! Now, just to get them all quilted and bound.

You are an inspiration! Happy 4th!!! don't get those elephant eyes again! lol


Ozzy cracks me up lol!

this is gorgeous. i love this line of fabric! i would have gone insane doing all those flying geese-not my favorite quilt block!

can't wait to see your blue on finished-those blocks are lovely!

quiltmom ( Anna)

Hi Nicole
You are one prolific quiltmaker and all your quilts are so beautiful. I love the look of the flying geese but find making them a bit tedious.
I look forward to seeing the blue one finished- that is, if Ozzie doesn't try and hide the pieces on you:0)
Ozzie loves to keep you entertained-life is never boring with pets.
I hope you are having a wonderful fourth of July!

Vicki W

That's a beautiful quilt! There's never a dull moment at your house with ozzie around. I don't know if I've every seen a dog with more personality.


Just wonderful! I love Carrie's patterns. They are great.
Your blue quilt for maybe-next-Friday finish is really pretty and I'm not a blue person!

Happy Fourth of July to all!!

Mary Wood

Nice Quilt Poor Ozzie just wants to learn how to quilt LOL I love the blue and white blue being my favourite colour.
Hugs Mary.

Kathy Wagner

Just beautiful! Lisa's too!
Great pattern - I'd like to try it with my scraps!

Dandelion Quilts

You are amazing me with all of these Friday finishes! You are just cleaning house left and right! I just think this quilt turned out fabulous...might have to write this pattern down. Looks great. As I said before, I was a fan of this material last season. The Oz man is such a stinker! I love hearing of his clever antics. Can't wait to see the blue and white challenge.

maree  watt

Hello Nicole....I came accross your blog over her in Australia so thought I'd lurke a bit & WOW you put out some Great Quilts...You are so Productive, Good to see...You should check out some Aussie blogs as well,Love Ozzie too cute....will pop back again.
On My Verandah.


That blue and white project would MOST CERTAINLY distract me!

And that photo of Ozzie with the baggie is TOO funny.

I am SO amazed at how much you get done...


Love your quilt - and Ozzie too. He cracks me up. Reminds me of my son when he was a 2 year old. Mind you, I didn't always see the funny side of my boy's behaviour.


Beautiful quilt!!! I love Miss Rosie's patterns as well. Can't wait to see the blue and white finished!


Oh, I know...let's get Ozzie a brother...that way he can play with Oswald or whoever and will be content to let you produce such masterpieces as the one you show beautiful. Pippin and Vash are voting for Oz to get a brother.

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