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July 18, 2008



Congratulations on those 2 pounds! Make sure to eat healthy though! Don't want you fainting into your sewing machine :o)

Love the quilt. You are right... the fabrics are showed off so nice.

Karen Lee

This is INDEED a beauty. The way white is used here is inviting, crisp and oh the quilting possibilities. What EVER will you do?


What a gorgeous quilt. I love the pattern! I'd love to see that done in shabby chic prints. Very tempting. I'm desperate for a new project so this might just tempt me. Hmmm ...

Wow -- 2 pounds overnight? Congratulations!

Angela (Cottage Magpie)

Oh, just beautiful!!! I love this quilt. I have been looking for a pattern like this to feature some of my pretty floral fabrics. Love it! Oh yes, and coincidentally, I'm starting a "slow carb" diet this week, so I'm using beans instead of rice/potatoes. I hope it works as well as what you're doing!
~Angela :-)


So how many hours do you spend stitching each week?!?!? I am SO impressed at all of these Friday finishes!

Echoing a comment above - be sure to drink lots of water and take your multi vitamins while you're dieting!

What does Ozzie think about this so-much-white quilt? (my B&W cat would have a field day furring it all over)


Beautiful quilt!


Told you! The protein diet works - just be sure to take a multivitamin and extra calcium!

Peggy Aront

Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous!!!


Beautiful quilt Nicole - and congrats on another finish and the 2 pound weight loss. you go girl :)

Hugs - Karen

Mary Wood

Love your Quilt Good luck on your weight loss you can do it girl.
Hugs Mary.

Paula in NH

Wow! I love the crisp white fabric against the colorful fabric. I love this quilt!


Another stunning finish! The next few days will be the hardest for your diet but you can do it! You have shown your determination to us many times and you can get over this hurdle too! Nancy in WI

Nancy Stevens

Swooning, Nicole, just swooning. At the quilt, darling. But the weight loss is wonderful, too.

n, np


It's beautiful! The white background really makes the stars pop and I love the checkered borders! Now I'm toying with doing a similar quilt... Just what I need, another project. LOL!

Anyway, it's just stunning! Congrats, also, on the weight loss! You go girl! :o)


I love the look of Coventry with the solid white background! What a wonderful finish! (I also love all the ideas of how else it could be made. I'd love to see them all!)
You are amazing Nicole - I wish I could get quilts done at the pace you do! Whew!
xo, Bren


What a wonderful quilt! Really love the color choice!!Congrats on the 2#...wonderful!!


Just wonderful. This is a great summer quilt.


Congratulations on another wonderful finish Nicole...BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!
Great job on your loss...keep it up!

Dandelion Quilts

Nicole....hooray for yet another Friday finish. As always, you amaze me with all your accomplish. Also, I love the color choices, as usual. Us Moda gals must stick together!


I LOVE it. Oh my goodness. Is this another book I have to get? Did I tell you you're killing me! But in a good way. Keep it up ;)


The quilt looks great!


Beautiful quilt.


Love this quilt! What a neat thing to do with a layer cake. I have bought one of those but have another quilt in mind for it; hmmmm, Nicole, I think you are going to cost me some money, lol.


Fabulous quilt, and what a great idea to do it in ME fabrics. I think that's an idea I'm just going to have to run with. Fat Quarter Shop, here I come.

Congratulations too, on the weight loss.

Jane Weston

Stunning! I bet you can't wait to get it quilted. I love how the stars are offset and the checkerboard border is fab!

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